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  • Help!! Sponsorship question

    I sponsor my brother and his family 3 yrs. ago. Now, his wife left him for another man and has a baby with the new boyfriend. She doesn't want to communicate with me. Someone told me she was on welfare. She is still a PR status. I know that PRs are not supposed to be on welfare, but does welfare just give to them benefits, even thought they are not citizens? or they know what they are eligible for or not. I am desperate trying to find some answers. I worry for my husband and I that work really hard for our retirement and someone told me that welfare will take back from us the money my ex sister in law got from Welfare. Please if someone can help me on what to do I will greatly appreciate. I went to welfare, but they don't even know what I am talking about. Looking forward to hear from someone....please

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    If the benefit she obtained is means tested then you are on the hook.


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      SO long as the welfare received was for the U.S.C. children born after the fact (your I-864 signing) you've got nothing to worry about. PR's aren't supposed to receive welfare and if the state gave it to her via fraud or carelessness, it's on them for the mistake.
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