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HELP USPS sent my N-400 to wrong location

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  • HELP USPS sent my N-400 to wrong location

    I prepared and mailed my N-400 application for U.S. Citizenship on 2/16/2013. I obtained a Cashiers Check from Chase Bank for $680.00. I included my N-400 application, G-1145 e-mail/text notification receipt of application form, 2 passport photos, criminal history report, and front and back copy of my green card. I printed a generic label with my address and deliver address of my application. I mailed it in a large manila envelope. I have never had problems
    with USPS and have used them several times in the past. I used the APC (Automated Postal Center) machine to weigh my package and print a shipping label for Priority Mail with delivery confirmation. The machine asked me if I wanted to use a large label, I said no because I had already put a label on there with my return address and delivery address. The machine printed a small label for my large envelope. I affixed the label to the top right hand corner of my envelope. I placed the envelope in the collection bin for parcels and items purchased using the APC. My package was able to make that days mail out and it was on its way. A few days later on Tuesday February 19th 2013 I saw that the application was mis delivered to to ROCHESTER, NY by the US Postal service. I was shocked and scared at the same time. I was thinking to my self what was it doing in New York? The destination of my application was the Phoenix, AZ lockbox address. I tried contacting the USPS and I got the run around and no information really on where my package was or if it was lost. I decided to wait a few days, and email the USCIS lockbox email address provided on the website for issues with the lockbox's; I never got a response, I provided them my tracking number of my package as well. To say the least at this point I was freaked out and worried, my personal information and identity was all included SSN#, Alien #, address, phone number, copy of my documentation. If someone had accidently gotten my application they could have stolen my identity. I decided to wait a few days to see if someone would call me to say they found my application or to see if USCIS had in fact received it. Exactly one week later on 2/26/2013 I had declared my application lost because I hadn't heard from anyone saying they found my application in the mail, text or email from USCIS confirming they received my application. I proceeded to go to the bank to get the check replaced and a stop was put on the check. At this point I was going to re apply and re submit a new application. Luckily I had saved my application in a fill able and savable PDF format (which I highly recommend). I just needed to wait a few days for the San Diego Sherriff Department to mail me a new criminal history report, which would have taken another 5-7 days and get some new passport photos taken ($5 at Costco for 4 photos) and re apply. Today on 2/27/2013 I received a email and text to my surprise alerting me that they had received my application and gave me an official receipt number. Now I am stressing out because I can't believe they have my application and I have an application number but I am worried sick that the check they have has been canceled and a stop check has been placed. My dilemma is what I do at this point? Using coming sense I came up with the conclusion of mailing the payment back to the Phoenix Lockbox with my official receipt notice and brief explanation of why I cancelled and put a stop payment on the cashiers check. I was thinking of also emailing USCIS and the lockbox address again to advise them of what is going on. Anyone have any suggestions of what I should do regarding my N-400 application USCIS has now with a cancelled Cashiers Check? I appreciate your help, and sorry for this long letter, it’s just been a long frustrating start.

    USPS Priority Mail w/Delivery Confirmation Tracking #
    9505 5000 2623 3047 0001 53

    Delivery Address of my N-400 Application:
    P.O. Box 21251
    Phoenix, AZ 85036
    Receipt Picture:

    USCIS Receipt Number:
    Receipt Number NBC*003429054

    Luis Macias
    San Diego CA

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  • #2 If you believe that the item was stolen by a postal employee and they are just giving you the runaround, here's the site to file a formal complaint regarding USPS employees stealing mail. It is also the place to file complaints about employee misconduct.

    liteblue usps gov

    Liteblue is an employee association portal created by USPS for its employees. They can login to to check benefits, epayroll & schedule


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