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What is Conditional Resident?

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  • What is Conditional Resident?

    What does it mean when you say "Conditional Resident"? If you are on H1B and your company sponsors for your green card and eventually receives approval of your AOS, are you considered a Conditional Resident or a Permanent Resident? Please enlighten. Thank you.

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    "Conditional resident" status is given to those who are married to a USC for a period of 2 years.One should prove that in that period of 2 years the marriage was authentic.
    Oftentimes, it is adviced that 90 days(3 months) before the 2nd anniversary of the marriage you can file for the removal of this condition and if you can prove that thru documents that your bills,insurances,letters are mr. & mrs.,birth certificate of your child and others are enough to warrant satisfaction on this matter,then you might get the permanent resident status.


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      Thank you, Bugsy...I appreciate your explanation.


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        You don't file to have the conditions removed before your 2nd wedding anniversay but before the 2nd anniversay of getting your green card.