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    Hey Folks, I tried logging in under my old username Paddy but alas I couldn't come up with the password. So it has been a long while since I last visited and after hearing the king t**d now wants to give amnesty to the millions of illegals in this country, I was interested to see if this forum was now being inundated by all the smug illegals. At the end of the day, my stance on the illegals has mellowed a little...............I say let them stay just as long as something is done about the border because we all know what happened after the last amnesty in 1986 when nothing was done about border security. Lastly, anyone illegal who gets to stay, goes to the back of the queue for a green card and should never be allowed to gain citizenship............last thing we want is whole pile of ill-informed people who will blindly vote for the demorats.

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    Hey Paddy2:

    I had the same issue with log in...apparently they have changed our username to our "moniken" when logging in...I figured this by submitting a "forgot my password" and they sent me a default password and that's where they were writing that my username is my moniken. In the older time that was separate from our username...whatever. Eventually, I succeeded to log in, so luckily I did not have to create a new account, and I'm still using this same old one. Anyway, welcome terms of the illegals, I would also give them their permit to stay, but I would definitely priorities those who are applying for green card by being legal in the meantime...because that hurts them that all it takes to get a green card in a cheap way is to go out of status...this sort of proves that we also support law violation...but overall, I would also grant them the permit to stay, after all, it would be nearly impossible to track down all the illegals and take them on a plane and fly them back home. Plus, I think our population would fall to 3 million. LOL
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      I'm glad Congress is looking at this again. Let's hope they move forward with a piece of legislature that makes sense. Securing the borders is a critical issue and the plans to do so need to be made crystal clear in order to gain support from the constituents. Otherwise, they are just wasting taxpayer's money again.


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        Border security will be given a talking points level of attention and then be deflated or admonished as being archaic. Holes will be poked in it supported by claims of inhumanity for blocking starving and thirsty people so near salvation. Good people no less who's only ambition is to provide a better life for their children. A dozen or so kids supported by tax payers but who's counting. Facts that will be claimed as omitted for sake of brevity if called out. The statue of liberty says 'Give us your tired,poor etc..' followed up by "Well... aren't these people those?" by them with hidden motivations. It's not that the government isn't aware of the glaring truths and amount of unfair hardship doled out to citizen and legal immigrant alike. The government is solidly aware the people waiving foreign flags demanding green cards along with their supporters have no allegiance to this country. These are the government's useful idiots.

        Government knows but the path has been chosen and it's not rooted in compassion or desire to help anyone. If either were a theme there are millions of citizens and legal immigrants more deserving. Minimally the people who were permitted entry at some point in time are more favorable. In a more apples to apples comparison, the children of the millions of non-violent offenders in our prison system received no measure of consideration when it came to their parent's sentencing. Why the overt disparity in adjudication. Anyone with even a scintilla of moral fiber has been snubbed. It's got nothing to do with what's right or wrong, legal or illegal. It's administering a collective incremental impoverishment thereby diminishing rights through a gradual increase in government dependency for all. It's not what they say that matters. It's the result of what they do that counts.
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        This message brought to you by the vast right wing conspiracy.


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