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Applying for H1-B and F-1 simultaneously

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  • Applying for H1-B and F-1 simultaneously

    Dear forumites,

    I am currently on OPT, which expires in early January 2013. I need to travel for work to the U.K. in early December 2012. Since my current F-1 has expired, I need to apply for a visa to reenter the US on the way back.

    My employer sponsored me for a H1-B visa, which got a approved; however, the H1-B starts on the day when my OPT expires, which is in Jan 2013. While I was waiting for the H1B approval, I scheduled an appointment for an H1B visa at the US embassy in my home country. However, since I recently learned that my H1-B starts in January, I am confused about my options.

    I emailed the embassy to ask them if I can apply for an F-1 since I will have to come back to the US on a student visa as well as for an H1-B visa. I do not know what they will tell me, but I am hoping someone here has had to deal with this mess.

    The attorney at my work specifically asked for the H1B to start on Dec 1, 2012, but the immigration forks put a different date.

    Also if someone has an idea what documents I need to prepare for both interviews (the H1B as well as for the F1 while on OPT).

    Many thanks in advance!