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Three Ideal Options for a Green Card Application

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  • Three Ideal Options for a Green Card Application

    left_19.jpgAliens of Extraordinary Ability may be eligible for a First Employment-Based Preference (EB1-EA or EB1A). A Green Card applicant with extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences, education, business or athletics is eligible for treatment as a priority worker in the EB1 immigration category.

    For alien applicants with an advanced degree - masters or above, there are three ideal options to apply for a U.S. Green Card. These options are in different immigration classifications in Employment-Based (EB) immigration, which include:

    EB-1A: Aliens with Extraordinary Ability in the Sciences, Arts, Education, Business or Athletics (or EB1-EA);

    EB-1B: Outstanding Researchers and Outstanding Professors (or EB1-OR);

    EB-2 NIW: Members of Professions Holding Advanced Degrees Applying for a Waiver of Labor Certification in National Interest (or NIW).

    Some people with advanced degree do not know how to apply for Green Card in above three preferred categories, but instead, these people apply for a Labor Certification. However, choosing Labor Certification is not the best strategy and quicker way for people who may qualify for one of the above three ideal immigration classifications.

    An alien should determine the most appropriate type and fast route to obtain a U.S. Green Card. By using the Form I-140 of USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services), each type of above EB Form I-140 petition requires different kind of evidence. Some aliens may qualify for more than one immigrant categories of EB1 or NIW.
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