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U-visa and detention

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  • U-visa and detention

    An Attorney said she sent a U-Visa application to USCIS September 2 during a phone conversation. September 21 still no receipt. When asked if it just so happened that it wasn't sent, I have copies of the application and could over nite it to USCIS, the reply was "its sent". October 29 and still no receipt. The question I have would be, is it ok for me to send the copies of the U-Visa application to USCIS? If the application is really there I dont want to mess anything up by sending it again. In need of the receipt because my friend is in detention and was ordered August 17 voluntary departure with safeguard. He has a copy of the Supplement B filled out by our District Attorney but that didnt happen till days after the August 17 hearing. Not much time left to re-open case. Could he re-open the case with the Supplement B? It seems the Attorney dont want to do anything and we are not sure if she sent the application for the U-Visa to USCIS.He is U-Visa eligible and needs attention with this issue. Maybe sending a letter to the Judge with a copy of the Sup.B? Thank you for any advice to put us on the right track quickly!