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Expired Green Card during my time in jail

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  • Expired Green Card during my time in jail

    Dear friends,

    thank you for your replies.

    I posses a Green Card since 2000. Unfortunately I spent the last 4 years behind bars and my Green Card expired two years ago.

    Am I still eligible to receive a new one? I spent my hard time in Germany however I am no German national and as I was deported I there is still a warrant on me - to spend the other half.

    Now. The INS wants honesty - should I still be honest? Or would it be wise to cover it up as "illness" (which in a way it was).

    What would you advice? Ask for renewal in the local embassy - or just enter the US via Canada (which I can enter without visa) with a bit of hussle during immigration and apply for a new Green Card within the US?

    Kind regards,