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  • I485 pending

    I already sent the I-485 based on my asylum grant from the Immigration Judge. I clicked NO on the arrest box. Now I was thinking about this, and didn't make sure if ICE arrest for visa over-staying should be included in I485. Is my application for I485 gonna be denied that I didnt stated ICE detention? If so, is also my asylum grant gonna be canceled too, or I can reapply again for I485, this time with YES on arrest question? Or maybe it's gonna be approved , probably because visa-overstayed is not a criminal violation, or maybe they wont notice and FBI doesnt have record of visa overstayed arrests
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    No, don't worry about that. They know about it already---you got asylum after all. Also, there is a separate question about immigration proceedings and even if you screwed up the answer to that, they know it was a mistake--you applied for a greencard based on ASYLUM granted by an IJ!

    They want to know about actual criminal arrests such as theft or assaults, drunk driving, drug busts, credit card fraud, etc....