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  • I-130 Petition

    I had just become a citizen in August 2012. I had petitioned I-130 for myspouse who has been on deportation proceeding for the last 5 years. I filed theI-130 in May of 2011. We have not yet been called for interview nor adjudicatemy I-130 petition since I filed it in May 2011. I have sent a copy of mycitizenship certificate to USCIS in Atlanta since I became a citizen.
    What can I do to speed up the processing of my petition. My spouse has anupcoming court date this coming November 2012.
    I called the USCIS 1-800#, and was told that my application has beensent to Atlanta USCIS.
    What do I need to do to speed up this interview process?

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    At the hearing ask for a continuation pending the outcome of the I-130 application. Bring evidence of the application being submitted and of your marriage.
    This message brought to you by the vast right wing conspiracy.


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      Remembering that this is an anonymous forum....What is the charge against him? Is it merely a visa overstay or is it something else? Did he actually enter on a visa originally? Is he legally eligible to apply for adjustment of status? If he entered without inspection, he is MOST LIKELY not eligible. Even if eligible, would he require a waiver for some reason?