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Help filling out I-102 as an undocumented residence

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  • Help filling out I-102 as an undocumented residence

    thanks for taking your time to read this, here is a little bit of background. I came here in 1998 when i was 8 years old with my mom on a visitor visa and never left. I lost my passport with my I-94 form staple to it. I got the passport replaced already. I am currently trying to replace it by filling out the I-102.

    so here is my questions.

    1. how do i know if i have a A-number? where can i find that?

    2. What do i put for "Current Nonimmigrant Status"?

    3. What do i put for "Status Expires on" if i don't have that info?

    Any input will help.

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    1) you have not been in removal proceedings, or if you have not ever filed an Immigrant petition, or asylum case you probably do not have an A-number.
    2) your current nonimmigrant status is B-2-expired.
    3) put "not known"