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  • Seminar - Family Immigration For Experts is pleased to launch a new seminar - Family Immigration for Experts!

    Three session will be held:
    July 19th: Marriage
    August 9th: Non-Spouse Relative
    September 6th: Bars to Admissibility

    *For additional information on each topic, please see below.

    Robert Frank of Frank and Pollack will serve as the Discussion Leader; other speakers to be announced soon!

    *For additional information on this seminar series and to register, please follow this link:

    *To register by mail or fax, please follow this link:

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    FIRST Phone Session on July 19: Marriage

    Prior marriages and prior applications
    Issues if there is prior removal/deportation proceedings
    What was basis of divorce?
    Should they get married or come as a fiancé
    Pitfalls what to watch out for
    What if they are not living together?
    What about the I-751, getting the denial reviewed, filing a second I-751
    Ethical problems representing husband and wife
    Challenging a fraud finding
    Consequences of the Adam Walsh Act

    SECOND Phone Session on August 9: Non-Spouse Relative

    Children and stepchildren
    Marriage of the unmarried child
    Illegitimate children/ Proving the relationship
    Adopted children
    Death of Petitioner
    Bringing the family from abroad initial processing or following to join

    THIRD Phone Session on September 6: Bars to Admissibility

    Criminal Issues:
    Effect of aggravated felony conviction
    What is a crime involving moral turptidue
    Disclosure of conviction, effect of expungement
    What about drug convictions, Where do you live
    Obtaining a 212(h) waiver
    Non-Criminal Grounds of Inadmissibility
    Waiver of Non-Criminal Grounds of Inadmissibility
    Other problems:
    False SS#
    Passport shows entry in home country while in US