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Immigration Law Question: Visa Interview Help

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  • Immigration Law Question: Visa Interview Help

    HI everybody
    MY wife has an interview a the end of this month for visa, I am worrying about the absence of 2011 tax return of my join sponsor
    In fact, I did not make enough money in 2010, so i asked to my previous boss to sponsor me. He accepted and i sent I864 which was approved later.
    Now, my previous boss told me that he does not complete his tax return for 2011, therefore, the most recent tax return i have concerns 2010.
    On the other hand, my incomes for 2011, and my current incomes are okay. I am afraid about my sponsor tax return.
    Do you think this could cause an issue. if yes, what are the possible options to avoid visa refusal.


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    this is a little confusing. if your I864 was approved, then what is the issue at hand? are they asking for an updated I864 with the most recent taxes before the interview because of the amount of time between the submission and the interview?