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Immigration Law Question: Permanent Residency & Loans

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  • Immigration Law Question: Permanent Residency & Loans

    Hi there all. Can green card holders who took financial aid for their master's degree apply for a citizenship upon completion of their five year stay in the country. My brother won a green card lottery 6 yrs ago and upon arriving in the states pursued mph and is currently jobless. He would like to travel but is concerned given the loans he owes he may not be eligible to apply for his passport. Is that the case and if he were to contact an immigration lawyer, can he possibly facilitate another viable route to perhaps defer his loans and he be issued with a passport. Your feedbacks are much appreciated. Bye all

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    So long as he is paying his loans in some way, it won't be a problem. There is a "good moral character" requirement for Citizenship. Delinquent loans without a payment plan could well cause a problem with a USCIS Interviewing Officer.
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