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Immigration Protests Spread Across Country

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  • Immigration Protests Spread Across Country

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      The pro immigration activist are doing a splendit, we are witnessing very strong support for comprehensive immigration bill by the american public..The american public underdstand why they are protesting and are 100% in support of it..The american public understand that the anti-immigrant group are evil people that wants to make people's life miserable.


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        I believe that a bill will pass both houses by early july..


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          It sure will, no wood in my brain.


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              Immigration Rallies Draw Thousands Nationwide

              Thousands of people across the country protested Friday against legislation cracking down on illegal immigrants, with demonstrators in such cities as Los Angeles, Phoenix and Atlanta staging school walkouts, marches and work stoppages.

              Congress is considering bills that would make it a felony to be illegally in the United States, impose new penalties on employers who hire illegal immigrants and erect fences along one-third of the U.S.-Mexican border. The proposals have angered many Hispanics.

              The Los Angeles demonstration led to fights between black and Hispanic students at one high school, but the protests were largely peaceful, authorities said.

              Chantal Mason, a sophomore at George Washington Preparatory High, said black students jumped Hispanic students as they left classes to protest a bill passed the House in December that would make it a felony to be in the U.S. illegally.

              "It was horrible, horrible," Mason said. "It's ridiculous that a bunch of black students would jump on Latinos like that, knowing they're trying to get their freedom."

              In Phoenix, police said 10,000 demonstrators marched to the office of Republican Sen. Jon Kyl (news, bio, voting record), co-sponsor of a bill that would give illegal immigrants up to five years to leave the country. The turnout clogged a major thoroughfare.

              "They're here for the American Dream," said Malissa Greer, 29, who joined a crowd estimated by police to be at least 10,000 strong. "God created all of us. He's not a God of the United States, he's a God of the world."

              Kyl had no immediate comment on the rally.

              At least 500 students at Huntington Park High School near Los Angeles walked out of classes in the morning. Hundreds of the students, some carrying Mexican flags, walked down the middle of Los Angeles streets, police cruisers behind them.

              The students visited two other area high schools, trying to encourage students to join their protest, but the schools were locked down to keep students from leaving, said Los Angeles district spokeswoman Monica Carazo.

              In Georgia, activists said tens of thousands of workers did not show up at their jobs Friday after calls for a work stoppage to protest a bill passed by the Georgia House on Thursday.

              That bill, which has yet to gain Senate approval, would deny state services to adults living in the U.S. illegally and impose a 5 percent surcharge on wire transfers from illegal immigrants.

              Supporters say the Georgia measure is vital to homeland security and frees up limited state services for people legally entitled to them. Opponents say it unfairly targets workers meeting the demands of some of the state's largest industries.

              Teodoro Maus, an organizer of the Georgia protest, estimated as many as 80,000 Hispanics did not show up for work. About 200 converged on the steps of the Georgia Capitol, some wrapped in Mexican flags and holding signs reading: "Don't panic, we're Hispanic" and "We have a dream, too."

              Jennifer Garcia worried what would the proposal would do to her family. She said her husband is an illegal Mexican immigrant.

              "If they send him back to Mexico, who's going to take care of them and me?" Garcia said of herself and her four children. "This is the United States. We need to come together and be a whole."

              On Thursday, thousands of people filled the streets of Milwaukee for what was billed as "A Day Without Latinos" to protest efforts in Congress to target undocumented workers. Police estimated more than 10,000 people joined the demonstrations and march to downtown Milwaukee. Organizers put the number at 30,000.


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                And just how many of those protesting are illegal aliens? And carrying Mexican or foreign flags? What an insult! That's what Americans watching will be thinking, and wondering why in **** people who break our laws have the nerve to demand we not enforce them. Thousands of illegal aliens marching may well not have the intended effect on popular opinion. For Congressmen, it's a graphic illustration of the monstrosity they've helped create--and the problems they'll be facing with voters.


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                  American people want good illegal aliens to legalize their status through guest worker program.

                  Both legal or illegal criminals should be deported.


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                    Illegal aliens and their apologists had a rally in Phoenix, Arizona, today.

                    I found it insulting that there were multitudes of Mexican flags, and most of the marchers were screaming, "Mexico, Mexico, Mexico..."

                    As a legal immigrant to America, I was so offended by this display of anti-Americanism...and rank stupidity. Quite honestly, if these law-breakers were so intent on remaining in America and swaying the opinions of the American people in a positive way, they surely should have been waving American flags? I guess that they're truly too stupid for words.

                    I have spoken with many Americans with regard to the marches today, and they are spitting mad about the insults to their country by people who have no right even to be here.



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                      The Mexican flags got me too. I guess I can't think like an illegal alien, but it seems they would at least act like America meant more to them and carrying a US flag would have appear more positive, IMO.

                      The story on NBC nightly news seemed to indicate many people in Phoenix really supported them.


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                        BigDummy: I live in Phoenix. Arizona is the major entry location for illegal aliens into America, and we have several hundreds-of-thousands of illegals here. That there were 10,000 marchers is nothing in a city of over three million people.

                        The people of Arizona, like all Americans, are pissed about illegal immigration...they do not support it at all (regardless of the spin of the apologists on NBC).

                        In 2004, Arizonans voted for Proposition 200, which denies services to illegal aliens.

                        The State's voters also outlawed bilingual education.

                        Our legislature is busy implementing legislation to crack down on illegals, and our Governor has declared an state-of-emergency and sent the National Guard to the border.

                        My Congressman, J.D. Hayworth (R-Arizona), is a vocal opponent of illegal immigration and is a certainty to be reelected in November.

                        Many many people from Arkansas in 2002...hope to get rid of a local politician (Senator John McCain)by having him run for President. He is not very popular here for his amnesty proposal and his pandering to illegal aliens.
                        DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS


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                          Thanks for the update. Also on NBC earlier this evening I saw that Georgia passed a law denying services such as welfare to illegal aliens.

                          I think Americans didn't mind, but when it got to the point of money things change and the fact is illegal aliens cost tax payers money. Cheap labor benefits the employer, but over crowded schools and esclating health care costs effect all of us.

                          I also think many Americans will be offended by the Mexican flags and signs that were dominate during the march.


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                            BigDummy: Yes, I agree with you. I was also very offended by the Mexican flags...and I know that those Americans with whom I have spoken are livid too.

                            If the illegal aliens - or even legal immigrants - love Mexico so much, why don't they actually want to live there?

                            DEPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS.


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                              Dummy-Wotan is hungry !
                              Needs some human sacrifices to fill his huge, empty stomach.


                              By the way, it's ironic that Georgia passed the law to ban welfare to illegal aliens, keeping in mind that 1996 Federal Immigration Law already banned Welfare even to LPR (with less than 5 years presence in US), not to speak of illegal aliens.

                              This is like banning felony or crime on State level , when the Federal Law banning it already exists.

                              One must conclude that the ban had nothing to do with welfare per se, but was jut used to raise the rhetoric before upcoming elections.