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  • AOS or CP

    I won gc lottery and want to know what is the best way to go: AOS or CP?

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    I won gc lottery and want to know what is the best way to go: AOS or CP?


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      You already have the answer. You know it, but you are scared to say it.
      Get your guts together and say it. You know what it is best.

      Lots of luck.


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        I forgot to mention...concerning winning the lottery....

        God, you are lucky! People try years after years and they never win and here you are, you have it in your hand.
        Think about that.


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          I worked without authorization for 2 weeks (I was unaware of restrictions) after I lost my job due to company wide lay-offs. If during the interview they ask me about working without authorization I will have to tell the truth.


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            Its quite simple. USCIS will have copy of your 2003 tax return. They know you're not eligible to work. They know you got income from some type of work. Now knowing all of that, when they ask whether you have work illegaly, what kind of answer do you think they expect?
            I'm sure you know the answer to that yourself.


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              I am intended to tell the immigration officer that I worked without authorization for two weeks. I never committed any crime, always paid taxes, obeyed the laws of the country and maintained my legal status at all times. So I will be hoping for the best.


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                I wouldn't try switching processes now - that would really muck things up.

                There are two big issues here - First, did you provide false documentation to work? Falsifying documents is a huge felony. Sounds like you didn't have to provide any documents to work under the table, and you reported it on your taxes, so you shouldn't have a problem. People have to live, right?

                Second - be honest. Any lie you tell now can come back to haunt you later in the process. Especially since you didn't falsify any documents to get your job.


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                  no, I did not have to fill out any papers to work for 2 weeks. I got paid in cash, which I declared on my tax return.


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                    For God's sakes!

                    If they ask about your income, just tell them, you've sold you coin collection... or you rented half of your appartment for a while... or your cart. Or think of something else.
                    You cannot WORK, but nobody says you cannot have INCOME.

                    If they find out you worked illegally, they won't deport you, but they WILL invalidate your DV entry, and they, most probably, will cancel your F-1 status and ask you to leave.