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    I work a few blocks away from NYC immigration (Javob Javits Federal Building) and during lunchtime I protested the unfair treatment of the fraudster Aguila; I held up signs saying "Free Aguila" and "Justice for Scamsters" and I wore a T-shirt saying
    "Another drug crazed negro for Aguila". I grabbed a couple of fraudsters from the line, beat them up and set them on fire while singing "we shall overcome" to display the injustice of scamster immigrant treatment in America.

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        Tu gaandu!
        Formerly Josephine Schmo


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          Yup, it is depression.


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            Deport Michael, Deport my mother in law.


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              Injoy, tell us about your mother-in-law.
              Formerly Josephine Schmo


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                I'm already mad enough, but in general, anybody who has a mother in law would agree with me and would wait for Depo-Bus to pick her up and put her next to Michael!

                What a punishment.


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                  Save Aguila; Deport fraudsters ! Depo Man is not Michael. Depoman = Booob.


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                    Get ready, your day is coming soon. Very soon.


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                      Fraudster posted

                      Hello Everyone,
                      I submitted my I-751 form 3 months ago, the problem is I included all evidence that demonstrates the circumstances of our relationship after the conditional green card was granted, and now me and my wife are separated, and I'm not sure if she will co-operate if an interview to be scheduled.

                      Is it possible to send another file and ask the USCIS to attach it to the original file?

                      Aguila answered this question but I would like to have more point of views: What if an interview is scheduled and my wife refuses to show up?

                      Thank for everyone

                      Thanks for your comment, we emailed each other 3 weeks ago, and you gave me some valuable information. I appreciate that.

                      Dalaying or starting the divorce will not going to help me, as it takes 6 months in California to get the divorce finalized, and based on the processing dates I'm expecting to have an answer within 4 months, I'm just worried about the interview, I live my life now and build my expectations based on my wife's mood, one day she calls me love, and next day she threats me with the divorce, how nice is this life?!

                      The question here is: If we go for an interview, and we tell the officer that we're separated, is he going to deny the case? Is he going to say: Come back after you fix your problems or go and get divorced then apply again? Or he will say: Here is the approval go and fix your problem!

                      Thanks again.

                      You are threatening US citizen. You have no idea where I work; I have also reported your e mail address . Yahoo will provide personal information to federal agency. I will report you to USCIS for hiding the fact that you were separated when you got approved. Awww! I must notify friends in CSC. It will raise red flag when you get divorce or deal with USCIS in future!


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                        Another threat! get ready.


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                          You have no idea where I work

                          Let me guess:
                          You work for the post office; your job is to stand and keep your tongue out for people to get the stamp wet before they stick it on their envelopes?

                          But I have no idea what your job title could be?


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                            JOB TITTLE...... Tonguer Stamp Wetter
                            DEPARTMENT....... Officer of the Tongue Licker

                            His job will be eliminated by self adhasive Glue OR can be outsourcing


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                              I heard more and more trained dogs replace this position... So sorry Michael