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Thousands Of Immigrant Kids Ask Obama To Stop Deportations

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  • Thousands Of Immigrant Kids Ask Obama To Stop Deportations

    USCIS announced last week that the H-1B Cap has been reached. Many businesses and the country as a whole are struggling to get out of the long recession we have been in. Making it impossible for businesses to hire the people they need to expand their businesses is a sure fire way of capping economic growth. The unpredictability of being able to hire in the US due to the H-1B cap combined with the increasing ease of setting up offshore operations is driving business operations out of the US. This is especially true for the fast-growing companies which are likely to create the bulk of jobs in the next decade. The wrong-headed attempts at protecting American jobs using restrictionist immigration laws are making long-term job creation in America difficult. What are your thoughts about the H-1B Cap?

    Thousands Of Immigrant Kids Ask Obama To Stop Deportations

    Most kids at this time of year get ready to write letters to Santa Claus, but many children of undocumented immigrants now prefer to write President Barack Obama begging him to stop the deportations that are breaking up their families.

    The campaign of the National Domestic Workers Alliance under the slogan "We Belong Together" aims to send the president letters from youngsters directly affected by the government's deportation policy.

    "The message we want to send is that no children should be separated from their parents because of immigration laws," Marianna Viturra, deputy director of NDWA, told Efe.

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    Seriously, illegal-alien parents who are deported should take their kids with them.

    Of course, given their entitlement mentality and dependence on welfare from hard-working American taxpayers, the average illegal alien appears to think nothing of dumping the entire responsibility for raising their kids on the American people...rather than only the financial responsibilty for raising them (as at present).


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      Why should USC kids of illegal immigrant parents leave and forgo their right to an American education? Chances are the school system in their "home" country is not the same standard as here. Why should they be punished for the sins of their parents?
      "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."


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        So tell our listening audience, Board Wizard, how thrilled you would be when some H1B 'computer tech' is hired for 1/3 of what you make and you get a pink slip? Are you reall going to be so supportive of expanding a program that undercuts wages of American workers?
        You and good ole Cyrus...another immigration attorney hell bent on selling out American workers so he and other greedy practitioners can rack up billable hours.
        I know....let's create an H6B that allowed foreign immigration attorneys to come to America and work for a measly $75 per hour....oh my...what sort of whining would we hear from AILA???


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          It's appreciable..I hope it need to be sorted out earlier.