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How long to get Green Card After Interview?

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  • How long to get Green Card After Interview?


    My current status is C9 or C09, I've been working for a few years with an EAD, now the time has come for the green card interview.

    I was wondering how long it will take them to mail the green card after the interview? A few weeks?

    The reason I'm asking is because my EAD will expire soon, and if the green card will come before EAD I will save about two hundred dollars, which I need because this resident process made me almost broke.


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    If your application is given final approval at the interview (assuming that your interview is successful and the background checks, etc., have been satisfactorily completed), you will be admitted/approved as a Permanent Resident at that time. Your Permanent Resident Card will be mailed to you, and this may take several weeks or several months.

    However, once you have been admitted/approved for Permanent Residency, you will not need an EAD, regardless of whether you have received the actual Permanent Resident Card.


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      Will they make it clear at the interview that I have been approved or denied as a Permanent Resident, or do they say wait for a letter in the mail?

      Also if I get approved do they give you some some of paper you can use to go to the Social Security office to get a new SSN card without that "INS permission required to work" notice?

      My EAD expires in February, my interview is in early November. I would love to avoid paying for the EAD renewal. I wonder if they give a refund for a EAD renewal application.


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        Assuming that your security check has been completed, you will most likely be advised at the interview as to whether you have been approved or denied. Sometimes, they will not make a decision immediately, and you will be advised later by mail...but, I believe that this is relatively rare.

        Once you are approved, whether at the time of the interview or later, you may be given an I-551 stamp in your passport (most offices seem to give this stamp, but some do not). The I-551 stamp is valid for one year, and, during its period of validity, is equivalent to the actual Permanent Resident Card.

        Once you are a Permanent Resident, you will no longer be issued an Employment Authorization Document.

        There is no refund for the cost of EAD renewals. You will need to make a decision as to whether you will apply for a new EAD before your scheduled it can take several months to process the new EAD.


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          Great insight from SunDevilUSA.

          I had my AOS interview yesterday morning (10/17/2005) and received approval and I-551 stamp and it reads...

          "PROCESSED FOR I-551.
          VALID UNTIL 10-16-06

          So, this should suffice for now until I receive the actual green card but the AO at the Garden City NY office were reluctant to give me a specific data by which I should receive the actual card, could be anywhere from 3 - 6 months but that should not matter as I have the stamp now. I was also C09 under section 245.



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            MrMoneyPenny: Thank you for the compliment.

            Congratulations on becoming a Permanent Resident of the United States.

            In a couple of weeks, once USCIS has had an opportunity to update their computer files, you should remember to apply for an unrestricted Social Security Card. You will need to take your passport with the I-551 stamp with you to the Social Security office (they will also check your status with USCIS, which is why you should wait a short while to allow the computer files to be updated).


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              I recently had my AOS interview (Aug 2, 2005) & my EAD expiration date is Oct 25, 2005.

              Before the interview I got a BCIS notice requiring me to re-do my fingeprints & biometrics (Aug 11, 2005).

              During the interview The INS officer, issued another finerprint & biometrics appt letter to me so I can have it the same day (Aug 2).
              He said I don't have to renew my EAD because I will received the greencard before my EAD expired (I guess my AOS was approved that time pending the submission of new fingerprints & biometrics)....
              My new fingeprints & biometics were submitted to BCIS on Aug 10 & my AOS was officially approved on Sept 2, 2005 (the BCIS website updated my status Sept 27, 2005).
              We received notices (I-485 & I-130) of approval on Sept 30. I received my 10 yr greencard in the mail on Oct 3.
              If you're interview goes well & you don't have to re-do fingerprints & biometrics & no other problems with your AOS case,'ll probably be fine.
              I wish you the best!


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                PCR & MrMoneyPenny:

                How long did you have to wait after you got the receipt notice of your application to have actual green card interview?

                I mean. Let say, the applications were submitted and the receipt was sent in August 2005; how long do I have to wait for my interview? App were sent to Chicago, IL.



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                  This is my AOS timeline:

                  AOS filed (Dec 2003) in Colorado. Files sent to NBC Missouri. I think all marraige based are sent to NBC and initial processing is in Chicago.
                  Notice of Actions for AOS, I130, EAD received(Jan 27, 2004)
                  Address changed (March 2004, from Colorado to Georgia)
                  EAD card received (Oct 2004)
                  AOS interview letter received last week of July 2005.
                  AOS interview in Atlanta (Aug 2, 2005)
                  New fingerprint & biometrics (Aug 2, 2005)
                  Greencard approved (Sept 2, 2005), BCIS online status, approval was dated September 27, 2005.
                  BUT greencard validity states (Sept 2, 2005 to Sept 2, 2005).
                  Notices (I-130 & AOS) that greencard is approved arrived in the mail on Sept 30 & actual greencard arrived Oct 3 on the mail.

                  I hope these helps.


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                    well depends on the state your in. here in maryland they don't stamp passports anymore. You have to wait for the mail for their decision.. and they say this can take up to 6 months. this is not only me but other applicants as well.


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                      I agree the timeline, as I understand it, varies from place to place. My AOS timeline in NYC was as follows:

                      Filed AOS Concurrently I485, I130, I765: April 4, 2003
                      Received Payment Receipt (Not actual applicattion receipt, but the yellow "Deli" receipt of payment): April 14, 2003
                      First EAD in August 2003
                      Received I797C Recipt with Case numbers for I485 and I130: March 3, 2004 (yes! almost a year later)
                      Two sets of EAD and fingerprints between 2003 and 2005
                      First NOA for I485 interview: June 08, 2005
                      NOA Cancelling first interview: June 27, 2005
                      Second NOA for I485 interview: August 12, 2005
                      NOA for Interview dated August 2005: Interview Date October 17, 2005
                      Interview Day: Wait in line 30 min.; Actual Interview 17 min.; Wait again for passport stamp 20 min.
                      Result: APPROVED, I551 Stamp Received with one-year validity, 10-yr green card in the mail, so I am told.
                      On 10-19-2005 on-line case status changed to "The case has been approved. On October 17, 2005, an approval notice was mailed."

                      As you can see, it took me two and a half years to go through the process, being married to a USC (Section 245-C09) for over two years, at least I will get the 10-yr GC!

                      Good luck and cheers


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                        Yes, the timeline varies from ditrict & local BCIS offices (where your AOS is being process).

                        You're right mr. moneypenny, once your case is approved, you'll get a 10-yr's a long wait... but the advantage is no more removal of conditions.
                        Good luck to your application!


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                          Hi there,

                          I, first, was told by a BCIS employee in Los Angeles to send the package of I485 to Chicago, IL. But I heard that everything was sent to CSC for the speed of application. Anyway, I filed everything by ourself (my wife and I).

                          Files I130, I485, I765 sent: August 4, 2005
                          Notice Date: August 8 (notice received)
                          Fingerprint Appt. for I765 (Case type reads I765 on the I797C): September 22, 2005
                          Online status updates case I485: "On October 4, the result of the fingerprint review was received. Processing has resumed."
                          EAD approved October 11 (Online Status)
                          EAD Card received October 13 in the mail.

                          All notices were sent from Lee's Summit, Missouri.
                          And on EAD notice, reads: USCIS Missouri Service Center.

                          The question is I would like to approximate the wait time for the interview.

                          Thanks for all of your response.


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                            To all,

                            I received my welcome letters (postmarked Oct. 19 '05) and my actual 10-yr GC (postmarked Oct. 20 '05) from the National Benefits Center yesterday, Oct. 24 2005.

                            See above for my case timeline.



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                              Does anyone know how long does it take to get GC after I-751 appproval. I got my I-751 approval on October 09 and made an infopass appointment for October 17 in Cincinnati, had index fingerprint and signature taken for GC and also got the one year I-551 stamp. Will they send the GC order to Nebraska service center as I-751 was approved there.