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No Decision About my N-400 Application

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  • No Decision About my N-400 Application

    I had my naturalization interview at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The office was virtually empty. The adjudicating officer called me in and introduced himself with a smile. He asked me to “please remain standing” and raise my hands to swear to tell the truth. He was polite and professional.

    He then asked to see my government issued identification (driver’s license), my green card, passport, and my wife’s birth certificate.

    The officer proceeded to go through the immigration form 400 that I had submitted to USCIS. He went through every aspect of the form, everything. I fumbled over my wife’s age for about 15 seconds. Eventually, I got the age right. I never get my wife’s age right, not even my own age. He checked my passports and asked how many days I had stayed outside the US since I became a permanent resident. I have been out once, for 6 weeks. He quizzed me about my visas. the first time I visited the US and the type of visa I had. I was in as a visitor. The second time I came in on F1 visa. He then asked to see our joint bank account, tax returns for the past three years, utility bills and other documents that prove that we are living together. I had a notarized letter from my parents in law, insurances policies, and vehicle registrations with our names on. He took them. Since we have a child, he asked for his birth certificate.

    Next was the text. He asked me read “We the people” and write “We pay taxes.” This was followed by the government and civic questions. We didn’t do all ten. He said, “Congratulations! You passed the test.”

    He signed my form and gave it to me to print my full legal name on. He gave me another form with my name, date of birth and other information on. He asked me to check them since that’s what will appear on my certificate.

    The last form he handed me was Form N 652 “Naturalization Interview Results. Part One was ticked, “You have passed the tests of U.S. history and government. Part Two was option “B” “A decision cannot yet be made about your application.”

    I was miffed at the decision. He saw it and explained to me that it’s the normal procedure. If he needs addition information he will let me know, but doesn’t think he will need any other information. He told me I will be getting a response from the USCIS within 4-6 weeks and will be told about date and venue for the oath of allegiance. “You can bring family and take photographs,” he added. I still was miffed. He sure saw my diplomatic yet constipated look. He asked me to wait while he made copies of documents and gave me back all the originals. That made me happy especially getting back the birth certificates. On my way out I saw him once more. He smiled at me and waved me bye. I still was miffed at option B: “A decision cannot yet be made about your application.”
    I will be waiting in limbo for 4-6 weeks. It will be a clueless experience.

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    It all sounds pretty standard. Unless you have been waiting a long time, like being stuck in the FBI namecheck for interview, seems most likely you'll get the "no decision can be made yet" these days. They'll probably review everything then issue you a letter for the Oath Ceremony. Check back with them (infopass) if nothing is heard after 6 weeks.

    They have to make a decision on it by law within 120 days from date of interview in any case.
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      What exactly are you"miffed" at? You didn't actually complete the exam, so you should not even be getting citizenship. You are typical immigrant, an ingrate. If you are miffed, GTFO!


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        am miffed at your being miffed!!!

        I don't see anything out of the ordinary here....unless of course there is something you left out


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          If you are miffed, GTFO!
          Fede - STOP being so nasty. If you don't have any advice to offer, just don't say anything.


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                "You are typical immigrant, an ingrate. If you are miffed, GTFO!"
                This forum is for sharing our experiences and assist others who are clueless about the standard procedures of USCIS. You do not want to use this forum to attack people. Please be civil.


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                  Please be civil to the great United States. You have the temerity to come to the greatest country in the world and then complain when you don't get everything you want immediately. It is greedy and unstable people like you who are ruining this country. If you are miffed, then leave.


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                    You are fine. B is checked because your file might have something to clear, like fingerprint or name check, etc. It takes a while. If "Congratulation" is checked, your file is clean, ready to take oath. Let me know when you receive the next letter.