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  • Writ of Madamus Served

    Just filed my WOM las week after 1.3 years of wait. Numerous enquiries led to nowhere. I wanted this to be civil but they asked for it. My file is probably sitting on someones desk rotting there. I passed my interview in December 2005.

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    You waited for 1.3, my brother had waited since Nov. 2000, for the approval of his I-130, which was first with TSC and now sitting with CSC.
    One of the Attorney asked to get Info Pass first and talk to the one of the Officers, If you don't get any response then he/she will file Madamus.
    Let see how it go's with the Info Pass on Feb. 3, 07.


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      Well I have called every month, done 3 infopasses, wrote to the congressman twice. Infopass is useless. You may as well just call them and talk on the phone. YOu will get the same info 'pending'. There was nothing else. So after 120 days, you're entitles to do a case against them as per the law. I'm not wasting time with USCIS. Nwxt thing they will tell me they lost my file or i never filed; would not amaze me at all. So i'm not wasting any time.

      This was my last resort. I wanted to settle this in a good way but they gave me no other choices. I consulted an attorney who told me that I was doing the right thing and I think so too. I filed it myself. Instructions were on

      Good luck


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        Can I file Madamus against USCIS for any application benefit to force them to take a decision on a case or it's only for people who applied for citizenship.


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          Ahalan Zaid:

          Any case which has been delayed for very long period of time. Then you can file Madamus against uscis.

          Since our case has been pending for more the five years, I consulted an Attorney she looked at the case and right away she said we can file the case and get the verdict soon.
          Another Attorney said first take an Info-Pass, talked to uscis, if you don't get any response within 30 to 60 days then lets do it.

          I think you had been waiting for your wife's AOS or I-130.


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            I just wanted to wish you well. I hope you are ready. I have a book fro my husband to study once he gets his Visa. WE got married jan 1, 2003 and I live in the USA. He is living in India. The Embassy there is dumb and mean.
            I will pray everything goes well for you.
            Marian Singh e-mail