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democrats only. repub's get out !

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  • democrats only. repub's get out !

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    Julie, Please do us a favor and f-u-c-k off out of this discussion board. We don't want your s-c-r-e-w-e-d up liberal ideas here. I've said this before, I'm not a Bush fan but he is a hell of a lot better than that dried turnip Kerry. I can't wait until November when Kerry gets aniliated...........He has to go down as the most unprincipled politician in history, that's if there ever was one. He flip flops on every issue and soon the public will wake up to realize that he has no principles and changes his ideas as often as the wind. The democrats of today have shown themselves to care about nothing except getting power back at all cost. I hope that by 2008 the democrats find someone with principles and ideals and get rid of that f-u-c-k-i-n-g anti-christ mcullough(DNC chairman). Hey Julie I designed a new website for you liberal cows.......its called you log on you might beable to apply for rental of the one brain cell left in the DNC


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      Pretty pathetic to degrade women to get votes but thats what Democrats have always done


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        Paddy... you need a paddywagon. The only place that would enjoy your foul mouthed winey self, is some beer & wine joint with dirt floors. Your wife is a lucky woman - NOT


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          Oaddy my goodness relax, remember it's politics and as we know it's all game. Words of advice for you remember 'Whover wins you lose anyway'


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            The bad thing about politic nowadays is that both parties and their supporter are so engrossed on destroying the other, such that working together to build USA is nothing but an afterthought. Even if a good thing happen, the other parties will try their best to twist and demonize it as if its another one of hitler's act.

            Messed up country indeed.


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              Paddy: I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm glad to see others responding in outrage to these morons. God Bless George W. Bush!!!!

              Julie - f * u * c* k you.