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  • help me please

    my husband is being held by INS does anyone know a low cost lawyer or is ther anything i can do?

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    my husband is being held by INS does anyone know a low cost lawyer or is ther anything i can do?


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      You could get pretty good advice here, if you give the details of his case. What status is he in, where did he get held, why did he get held , is he in deportation proceedings ...etc etc.


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        I am sorry to hear your husband is being held, but I agree with Sohal that he must have done something to get himself into this situation.
        You should post as much info as you can about your husband, i.e. what is his visa status, what state you live in, under what circumstances he "got held" and members on this board will offer advice. Like Someone12 said, there are no low cost immigration attornies. You could check with local community organizations for help/referral to an attorney who might work pro bono. Good luck!


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          thank you bigdummy and sohal. i thank you for the advice. well he is here illegally, and he is being held in jefferson county texas thrugh the houston immigration office. he was stopped for speeding and had two warrants for traffic violations. i read where alot of countries want take them back, and a friend told me that most of the tim they wont send them back to honduras because it cost too much. any ideas what will happen if they dont send him back. he is still waiting to see the immigration judge. please help.


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            if they dont send him back to honduras because his country dont accept him like CUBA or if that will be a threat to his life like CHINA,he will end up being freed after a detention of 6 to 12 months ,thats how the system works for cubans and chiness and I dont now about honduras .As for the cost they dont have a problem loading a plane with all them deported aliens !
            good luck and keep us updated !


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              I might be wrong (for the US) but i know that in canada you are held indefinatly until they have the offenders to transport at a reasonable cost. As for if the government will accept him no idea


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                i found out yesterday that on the 3rd he was transferred to houston for his hearing. i found legal help and representation. last i went ans saw him he said they told him if he dosent get deported he will be in jail 6 months so do youthink thath means maybe they are considering letting him stay. the lawyer is going to help me see if we can start his paperwork so he can stay.


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