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Question on I-130 For Mum

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  • Question on I-130 For Mum

    I am a US citizen. I wanted my Mum to visit since I have not seen her in years. She was denied a tourist visa. I am planning on applying for a green card for her so she can visit. From the USCIS website, I understand I need to send in the I-130, birth certificate and prove of citizenship. Can anybody help with what else I need to sent. I will appreciate any help.

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    so u want her to move to the US? because u say so u can get a green card for her so she can visit, a green card is to stay and live here in the US.


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      I get all my information from this web site

      I hope it will help you


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        If you are a US citizen you can go and visit her. You can still apply for I-130. Just go to USCIS.Gov. If you apply for I-130 it will take a lot of time to process, God knows how many years. my husband applied for and I have to wait for 5 yrs!!before I can go and live with him.


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          Parents, spouses and children under 21 of a USC, have no visa wait so therefore the process is quicker.