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  • CSS/LULAC Denial

    I got my denial and appealed my case back in Jan 2007. I have to date not heard any thing and the USCIS website inqury has not updated since then, it still states the denial. Any one in the same boat.


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    who cares? We don't want nor need visa cheats in the United States of America....please leave my country ... now.


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      I'm sorry to say this, I think the appeal will out live you. In other words, I doubt you'll ever hear anything again from the USCIS for the rest of your life.

      If you don't have an attorney representing you, then I'm 100% right. The CIS will definitely take advantage of you if you're vulnerable.

      Many weak cases have been approved because the USCIS didn't want to face a strong attorney. Many strong cases have been denied because there was no attorney, and the applicant was deemed vulnerable.


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        I do have an attorney involved, but just have not heard anything back from them.


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          call law office of allan bell, he help me so he can do same for you. 816 421 1430 or 800 365 2355


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            I apologize for being so negative. I have learned very much about the USCIS over the last 5 years. They work on a slap stick level, very much like a cat. If a mouse is around the cat will kill it, if a dog is around the cat will avoid it. If the mouse is being protected by the dog, the cat will try to snipe the mouse if the dog is not paying attention.

            Never forget that the main function of the USCIS is to keep foreigners out of the USA. As far as laws and rules go, they only apply to the applicant. There is no such thing as fair, it's all about winning and loosing.

            If you really want to immigrate to the USA, you must marry a USC. The rights of the USC spouse will protect you from most of the foul play. If you try to come in via CSS/Newman, your fate is a gamble. If your immigration officer does not like you for any reason, or non reason. Your dead, and it's over. There is no such thing as an appeal. It's all over!


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              If you appealed in Jan 2007 the AAO is taking 2 years to take a decision, it means that by Jan 2009 you should know what happen with your case