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N-400 , NY city Update/inquiry

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  • N-400 , NY city Update/inquiry

    Is anyone know recent processing time for N400 NY area ? I just file it in NY and wondering when will it be for interview ??
    How long will take from filing to interview ?

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    Is anyone know recent processing time for N400 NY area ? I just file it in NY and wondering when will it be for interview ??
    How long will take from filing to interview ?


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      12 to 14 months.


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        thanks TaK


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          Here is where you can look up processing dates for the District Office in NYC.

          For questions regarding processing times or dates, one can do a simple search for the info here:


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            anyone , recent case ??


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              around 12 months.


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                My sister-in-law arrived on May 17, 2000 she will have 4 years 7 months and 14 days by Dec.2004, can she file for her citizenship N-400
                In December 2004 or she will have to wait untill Feb. 14, 2005.
                How long it takes at Orlando Office, any information.


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                  She can apply after 4 years and nine months. This is only choice.


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                    any recent interview in NYC ? and any comment


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                      move to Vermont and it takes less than 6 months


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                        Beware of Northern Vermont.

                        A hobo told me there's a family of cannibals living up there, just like the cannibalistic Beane Family of Europe.

                        Also, there's a serial killer on the border of VT/NH.

                        Plus, it's so cold, you'll freeze your cajones off.
                        Formerly Josephine Schmo


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                          Jo what do you mean there's a serial killer in Vermont?
                          Jo living in Vermont has always been our dream and the cold weather doesn't bother me. I'm moving to escape the heat and humidity down here and of course the skiing...........We have just bought a house up there and will be moving in November...I'll 15 from Canada and 15 miles from the immigration service center and 10 miles from the nearest ski resort.......god I love New England!!!!!!!!!!


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                            I think there is a book called "Fallen Angels," about the NH/VT serial killer.

                            I used to cover the Western part of NH towards Keene when I was a Real Estate Appraiser.

                            I was scared to death that the serial killer would get me.

                            I don't think he is active anymore. All that happened in the 80's.
                            Formerly Josephine Schmo


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                              Welcome: to Unsolved Mysteries 1 2 3

                              Serial Killer...where could he be now?

                              Category (Crimes) Created (3/10/2001 5:15:00 AM) Viewed (1649 times)

                              From the late 1970s and in through the 1980s, there were many unsolved abductions and murders, in the central parts of Vermont and New Hampshire. Most of the victims were women, of all ages and backgrounds, with one common trait...they were in the wrong plcae at the wrong time.

                              The first case, likely connected to the others, happened in 1978, in New London, NH....a woman who worked for a publishing company in Wilmot NH was found stabbed to death in a small wetland preserve off of a state highway. She was a photographer. Theft was not the motive, all er belongs, as well as money were not taken. She had been stabbed 20 something times, to the upper chest and neck area....many more times than necessary to kill.....a rage-related crime.

                              The second case that can be closely connected, but no definate cause of death was ever determined,because the remains were so badly Spring of 1981.....her body was found in the woods near a stream, just outside of Claremont NH....about ten minues away from New London NH.

                              The third occurred, just ten miutes north of Claremont NH, in a town called Plainfield NH.....this was in elderly woman, named Sylvia Gray was found bludgeoned and stabbed, a few hundre yards behind her home in the woods, a few days after she had been reported missing.

                              Then, between 1984 and 1986, three women turned up missing, from the local claremont area...Bernice Courtemanche..the first was a 17 year old hitchhiker, high school student and aide at a local rest home....two months later, a 30 something year old nurse, Ellen Fried, was talking on a pay telephone with her sster, commenting that a car kept drving by that made her nervous.....she was talking on a pay telephone, not far from where Bernice, just earlier that spring had been last seen.....

                              About a year later, Ellen Fried was found in the woods in Kelleyville NH five miles East in the direction of New London NH......and a few months later...a mile from where Ellen was found. the remains of Bernice were found....both women, of different ages andbackground had alot in common, both had been stabbed to death, taken from the same area of town to a same section of woods in Kelleyvlle NH.

                              While these two were still labelled "missing" and had not been recovered, a factory worker in her 20s, Eva Morse, was hitchhiking just south of town, and disappeared.....her remains were found in 1986, just a few hudred feet from where the unknown woman was found in 1981.....just west of the woods, she had been stabbed to death...the neck injuries were so severe, it appeared that the killer had attempted to decapitate her.

                              The three victims, from above, Morse, Courtemanche, and Fried were found as mostly skelatal remains, but there was enough evidence to indicate their injuries...and that they had been brought to the remote woods to be killed where they were found.

                              Later, in the year of 1986, a 17 year old was jogging along a rural route, just ten miles north of Claremont NH, in a town called Hartland...just across state line into VT....she was found the following day, deep in the woods, stabbed to death......Hartland VT, is just across the river from Plainfeild NH...where Sylvia gray was killed back in 1982.

                              Durring aheavy snow storm, in january of 1987, about six months after ......A 38 year old nurse was traveling north on I-91, between VT and NH, within the town of hartland....Her abandoned car was found, speckled with blood stains and rammed backwards into a snow bank in the parkinglot of the hartland rest area.....three months later, her body was found, deep in the hartland woods, off of Advent Hill the Spring thaw....she had been stabbed to death under an apple tree.

                              All of the victims were different ages, all were of different backgrounds and physical appearance, but they had one thing in common.....they were all killed within 20 miles of claremont NH area. It has been estimated that the killer was about 20 years old (assuming these killings are connected) when he killed the woman back in t is possible that he is in his 40s today, and possibly harming other people in other states.....

                              In the late summer of 1988...a woman was stopped at a closed convenience store, 30 miles south of Claremont...she was in her 20s, and 7 months pregnant....a man in an older Jeep Wagoneer pulled into the parking space beside her, and approached her opened drivers side window.....asking "is that phone working?" before the woancould answer, he pulled the door ope and pulled her from her car, waving a knife in her face.....when she resisted and ran from him, he chased her down and stabbed her 20 or so times.....amazingly, she was still living, laying still, until he got back to his vehicle and drove away.....she managed to get back to her car anddrive to a friends hose nearby for help.....she and her baby lived.....but her attackerwas never found.

                              Its basic speculation...that he was also responsible for the earlier abductions and killings...that he left the escape detection. She discribed this attacker as a man 30 to 35 years of age (in 1988) with a slim build, dirty blond hair, driving a older Jeep Wagoneer, light colored with wood grained trim.....She discribed his demeanor as very calm, not nervous, in a very odd he was attempting to get her to go to his of the tell tale signs that he "knew what he was doing" and he may have done it before.

                              Where could this guy be, now? in his 40s? Attacking elsewhere? Does this sound like any unsolved or solved cases in your area?...if so contact the New Hampshire State police,or your local law enforcement official, about these unsolved cases in NH and VT....

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                              Date: 3/10/2001 6:15:00 AM From Authorid: 20921 WOW! that was very interesting, thanx for postin!! *Moreno*
                              Date: 3/10/2001 6:23:00 AM From Authorid: 23037 thats awful , they may never catch him , its just terrible
                              Date: 3/10/2001 6:35:00 AM From Authorid: 18551 it is possible that the killings stopped because he is in prison for some other crime...just a thought.
                              Date: 3/10/2001 6:51:00 AM From Authorid: 21249 That was really interesting and so sad and frustrating, that he is still on the loose able to continue killing, sometime's I really wonder about justice Thankyou for posting Love jollee
                              Date: 3/10/2001 8:24:00 AM From Authorid: 17340 So creepy! I hope they catch the guy!!!
                              Date: 3/10/2001 8:25:00 AM From Authorid: 19173 that was interesting thanks for posting. I hope they find him..Lisa
                              Date: 3/10/2001 7:58:00 PM amazing story, that women was so brave to get away and live?
                              Date: 3/10/2001 8:18:00 PM From Authorid: 29245 I am going to speculate a bit here if you dont mind. First I would say that he knew the first victim. Either she cheated on him or really pissed him off some other way. I would say that the second victim may have been killed as long as two years later. Maybe a bit less. With that one he got the "taste" for murder. I assume these are all small "country-type" towns (mentioned in your story). I would guess this: 20 something year old possibly worked for the same publishing company as his first victim (if age difference between that victim and the killer never rule out possibility of an unrequited crush) , outdoorsman type (knows the abandoned woody areas well) and is probably now residing in or near a similar wooded area (Montana, Oregon, Wyoming, or even Canada are faves of outdoorsmen types).
                              Date: 3/11/2001 5:26:00 AM 29245....yes, these speculations ae very relevant, he may have been, somehoe aquanted with his first victim...his first victim, when she was in college ( years before her murder) came home to the area to work for the telephone company, interestingly, that parallell between pay telephones and the attacker....He (obviously) does have a good knowlege of woodland areas and of hunting....thats why i put out this request...if he did move to another rural area elsewhere in the country....whether durring the 1990s they ad similar incidences of abductions/missing persons....or he maybe in jail somewhere for attempting a simlar crime elsewhere......thanks again, for your thoughts and perception...29831
                              Date: 3/14/2001 10:37:00 AM From Authorid: 26445 it is scary to know that these are still out there.I hope he gets caught asap.....lynn112
                              Date: 3/14/2001 9:19:00 PM From Authorid: 25307 It sounds like this person hates women This is a terrible thing-Dreamer204
                              Date: 3/15/2001 1:40:00 AM From Authorid: 28946 sure hope they catch him,have caught him for another crime or someboby did him instead. thanks for sharing this. penny44
                              Date: 3/16/2001 2:18:00 PM From Authorid: 28372 maybe all this has stoped becouse he has moved some where else? maybe i hope not but they say each one gets easier let me stop right there lemondrop
                              Date: 3/16/2001 2:18:00 PM From Authorid: 28372 maybe all this has stoped becouse he has moved some where else? maybe i hope not but they say each one gets easier let me stop right there lemondrop
                              Date: 3/23/2001 6:30:00 AM From Authorid: 30668 Great post..It could be that his in prison serving time for another crime,or it is possible he just in a ''cooling off''period.They say that serial killer's take time off in between their killing sprees,for their own ourposes,may to change the location.Quite possibly so that the trail he left behind cool's off so its harder to find evidence.That could be what this person is doing,hoping that everyone will forget in the mean time,so he can resume his grisly killing....The best thing to do is to keep the public aware of this person's crime's,like you have,DO NOT let people forget...Good Job of keeping us informed and keep up the good work...
                              Date: 3/29/2001 5:51:00 PM From Authorid: 30622 Perhaps the plice should have zeroed in on the vehicle that was used in the last attack.....If the man watched the local news and papers...He knew they were looking for the vehicle........And would possibly gotten rid of it rather than left the area.........There are many chop shops in small towns......and I would look for a person probably a pillar of the community......that lived in the area..........Keep us informed
                              Date: 3/29/2001 6:41:00 PM I found your article very interesting and quite disturbing. I was wondering if you knew of any articles about this killer? I believe he was known as the "Connecticut River Valley Killer." I know of a book written by Philip E. Ginsburg which I have yet to read. I would agree that he has more then likely moved on. I live in New Hampshire and haven't heard of a continuing series of homicides. It is possible that he is incarcerated in a prison or mental institution or he even may have died. But that's just speculation. It's a disturbing fact that in all likelihood he's moved on and continues to live amongst us hunting humans. I also was wondering if you knew if any of the victims that weren't badly decomposed had any signs of sexual assault or mutilation? And is it possible that the elderly Gray woman was not a victim of the killer because of her age? It just seems that most of the women were all under 40 years of age reasonably close to the killer's estimated age I wonder why he would kill an elderly woman? Also I wanted to mention for anyone interested that Unsolved Mysteries (the T.V. show) profiled the last segment of your story on the attempted murder of the pregnant woman. Quite Chilling. Hopefully this killer will be apprehended and halted from continuing his murder spree so no more women and families will be so horribly hurt.
                              Date: 4/3/2001 2:56:00 PM From Authorid: 13619 There has been several women missing in my area, and they turn up dead in fields, but they don't go into details, but from older, to younger women and all abducted from their cars. One happened this weekend and they only found her car. I hope there is not a serial killer here.
                              Date: 4/8/2001 2:32:00 AM From Authorid: 27851 To 13619...where is this happening? what region ofthe country?

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