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Conditional Status and adultery....please help

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  • Conditional Status and adultery....please help

    I came on US on a K-1 visa and lived with my husband for 2 years. I gave birth to my son who is now 1 years old. My husband who is in the military was stationed in the ship and he decided to sent me and our son in the back to Philippines for the reason that he wants me to study nursing. I am now here in PI and acquired a travel document that is going to expire on May 2006, same time my greencard conditional status is going to expire.

    Everything was going well between us but then something happened. I found out that he is having an affair with a woman 8 years older than him. Somebody saw them with pushcart full of groceries and I found out that he has been calling that woman's number every day, every minute every hour but he rarely calls and replies my email. Our son isn't walking when he left and now he is but my husband doesn't care at all. I discovered the full name and address of "homewrecker" woman and her relatives as well..I tried to call the number but that woman refused to answer my calls. My husband is very furious everytime I'm calling that number coz according to him he already stopped that affair. But his actions are still suspiscious..

    And now I'm very worried. He doesn't want me to come back to US to look for work coz accdg. to him he wants me to study. I was thinking that maybe he is just using this 'STUDY THING' to make me be stuck in the Philippines and won't be able to come to US anymore. But what if he leaves me and our son when he leaves the military? What if he didn't sign the petition to change my conditional status to permanent and acquire my permanent greencard?

    I feel that he doesn't want to leave me for now because he's afraid that I could report him to his command if he'll do that and he will be forced to give child support and alimony..

    He's gonna be out from the military on December and will receive a high amount of money..I'm thinking that he's just waiting for it and is planning to be out of the military and permanently abandon us, so i won't be able to find him if we are about to sign the petition..

    Please help me..I don't want my son to be in a miserable life. I need legal advice....

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          as conditional or permanent resident you can not spend a long time out of the United States. How long have you been there?


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            I acquired a travel document valid til my greencard expires, so, no problem about that...


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              Sounds like a marriage problem to me. Its between you and your husband to straigthen it out. If you really feels that the marriage is beyond salvation, then ask for a straight divorce. It'll be much better than having your husband leading you on a false life. You can still re-enter US with your temporary greencard and then file a waiver to remove the conditional status of your greencard based on the divorce.

              As for your son's well-being, even if your husband abandon you after the military, you can still get child support. The more he makes, the bigger the portion will be for the child support (including his military pension). Of course he can be foolish enough and refuse to pay the child support, but then he can be thrown to jail (which I doubt he's moronic to even consider that).


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                    You should come back to USA and decide first with ur husband what u guys want out of this marriage.... but do it as early as possible coz it might take little time to get divorce....without divorce u cant file good faith waiver... in meantime start collecting all evidences about him cheating on you...that will be helpful also in ur divorce and removing conditions as well.... alimony and child custody depends upon state laws and lot of things... u should act now...dont wait ....he is right now in military and afraid of u reporting him to the authority...if u have evidences.... u have the power right now.... he will listen to u at this time.... even after also he will have to obey the laws but why to go through long process when u can do it easily without any troubles from him right act accordingly...good luck...Pasha