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How to prove residency for applying aitizenship

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  • How to prove residency for applying aitizenship

    Hi Great job in this board.

    I do contracting job countrywide.I was keeping my address at Florida with my friend who stayed in Florida.As now he is moving to NY I need to update my address with USCIS in NY too.

    My question is as I'm going to apply for citizenship soon, what is the residency requirement?Do I need to physicall stay there 3 months before I can apply?As I will be most likely in a contract other than NY looks like I will not be paying taxes there.

    Just having a address in NY for three months satisfy my residency requirements?Or i need to change my driving license right away, car tag, or i need to have some bills at that address etc.

    Pls advice.

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    Hi deparkchow and welcome to Ilw,

    The form does say must have resided within the State for at least 3 months from where your application was filed.

    The thing is I am sure that you are not the only contractor who has worked all over the US so surely there must be a way around this.

    Someone here will have some answers for you hopefully, please keep checking by
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      Thanks SprintGirl:

      Yes thats what I heard, what should I do to prove that cause I'm always travelling because of my job.

      And specially with this as my friend is moving to a new state.


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        When you're applying for naturalization, immigration-wise, you have to establish where your official and legal "home address" would be. It could also be your mailing address but not strictly necessary - they're allowed to differ. Let's say, it's in NYC. It doesn't mean that you have to be literally "physically present" within the city all through the required residency of three months. You don't even have to document it. Short and temporary out of home-base work-related deployments don't affect your residency in New York. You can file your taxes as required, it's not a material factor for your citizenship application. Driver license regulations vary by state, but it's normally required to apply for a new one in your new state of residence within 10 days. What is this thing about your "friend" that's always being mentioned? That's not a relevant matter in your application either.


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          Thanks Rough Neighbor,

          As I travel for jobs I keep my friends' address as my address for mails, credit cards etc.

          As he is moving to NY I need to do AR11.By the way i will apply for citizenship within 4 months.

          So u r saying as long as i do the AR11 now, I'm fine.But I don't need to do driving license, car tags as part of residency proving.

          Honestly I can't do it right away anyway cause I'm way far from NY now (I'm in Colorado on a contract).

          Then my question is what is that 3 months residency rule, what do they really mean by that?


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            Oh, okay, now you made it a bit clearer. So you're just using your friend's address as your "current mailing address." But, unfortunately, the same "long distance" arrangement won't work for naturalization purposes. Haha! I had the initial impression that you're living with your "friend" in Florida. Hmm, this is a little bit tricky, where only you yourself can put a reasonable handling of such a situation. It's up to you to weigh out in what state you can settle down logically for your citizenship application vis–Ã*–vis your "job calendar" down the road. The Change of Address facility is done online now that made it more user-friendly. But it must be done within 10 days of such change.


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              How do i do that when most of my contracts are around 3 to 4 months in different state?


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                There's where I can say the wisdom of your personal discretion comes in.


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                  Does it mean I have to get a job in the state where I will be applying for my citizenship?


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                    Exercise of your utmost power of discretion is needed, my friend. You know very well the rules and guidelines for citizenship application. You can't expect the rules to fit your job pattern, it's the other way around, isn't it?