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dangers of new immigration bill????

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  • dangers of new immigration bill????

    what in reality are the implications for those currently out of status now that the house of representatives have passed HR4437 bill, thanx

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    what in reality are the implications for those currently out of status now that the house of representatives have passed HR4437 bill, thanx


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      pack your bags and get ready to leave....


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        It is going to become ever-more-difficult to remain illegally in America. The American people are extremely upset about illegal immigration, and do not support the President's call for amnesty.

        The House of Representatives is, indeed, more representative of the views of the American people than either the Senate or the White House.

        America is a country of laws, and when you have millions of people who routinely break the law, the rule of law is undermined. It is time for America to defend its laws and sovereignty.


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          I and several of my friends and family members sent a letter to our representative requesting he support this bill. I haven't checked to see how he voted.

          I am keeping my fingers crossed that my out of status ex gets sent back to Egypt on the next available flight or boat.

          Bottom line, there are ways to immigrate legally before and after arriving on US soil. If someone chooses not to do what our laws say they must then I can't feel sorry for that person.

          People are sent to prison every day for breaking the law and leave their children behind, so I hope illegal aliens can't use their USC children as a means to stay. If they can't bear parting with the child, take him/her with you to wherever you came from, let your children learn about their cultural heritage and also the valuable lesson of obeying the law.


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            Bigdummy: well said! This is a point that those tcs miss on I2us.lard - bank robbers and murderers don't get paroled merely because they have spawned some kids....why should illegals be rewarded because they performed some basic biological function? Answer: they should not.


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              sundevil i reall have to disagree that the american people are "extremely upset" about illegal immigration , most of them are aware of the important economic role immigration plays in providing you with cheap produce etc , ALL of them that i have met reproach their government for not providing reform , and have totally empathized with the plight of the illegal immigrant. hers to all those COOL americans, slainte!!!!


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                poddark: better read the polls again....more than 70% of AMericans do not want guest worker visas, they want illegals deported and out of their country.


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                  Ummm.....this bill needs to pass in the senate and then signed by the president to become lawl.....most countries have enforcement before legalization...anyone that thinks that there wont be some kind of frenzy of enforcement is off their rocker...bottom line is the government have to be seen as DOING something about illegals before they DO something for illegals...get the point?
                  Polls means nothing...who are the ones polled? Noone ever calls anyone in my 'hood for an opinion...people need to relax.


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                    I did a quick google and got this...


                    Please read ""The good news," said Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, who is close to the White House, is "the Senate is not going to pass an enforcement-only bill, and the president is not going to sign it."

                    Norquist said most House Republicans will vote for the bill "so they don't get yelled at" by voters.

                    Immigration has been percolating since summer as a premier issue going into next year's mid-term elections. President Bush made two speeches last month in the Southwest emphasizing border enforcement but also calling for a comprehensive approach that includes guest worker visas.

                    did anyone think that there was just going to be another amnesty? Hold on to your seatbelts..


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                      I'm watching C-Span - yes, I do have an exciting life

                      Gentlewoman from California has reported that DHS is late on reports required by Congress and she called them arrogrant and if I'm not mistaken incompetent.


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                        All Amendments and Bills passed by the House of Representative since 1976, all those bills and regulations has left some loopholes in them, so this will also do the same and peoples will come and stay, No Way you can stop, or close your borders.

                        SunDevilUSA, you were also on this board asking for help some time back do you remember that.
                        since you have received your LPR status, now you are talking.

                        How many American you have talked to? they dont even know whats goingon and what is an immigration bills and matters, you guys are having in US, Dont use the word American people they don't care.
                        Read the last para of your post, you are also one of them. All your post is on this board.


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                          Poddark: Do you really believe that illegal immigrants provide cheap labor? Illegal aliens cost the American taxpayer billions and billions of dollars every educate them and their children, for food stamps and welfare, for medical costs, for justice system and incarceration costs, etc., etc., etc. If I need to pay slightly more for produce and some other services, I will happily do so. I would rather pay a little extra for some goods and services - and pay a reasonable wage to an American worker - than pay to provide a subsidy to some scumbag employer who takes advantage of taxpayers by forcing them to pay some of his costs.

                          I would also like that illegal aliens did not drive in my state - and others - without driver licenses and insurance (and I resent that I pay substantially more for insurance to subsidize someone else's "cheap" labor). It would be nice also if illegal aliens didn't steal others' identities and use fake identification. I'd also think it a benefit if America was able to restore its rule-of-law and sovereignty.

                          As to whether Americans are extremely upset at illegal aliens, please witness our Members of Congress jumping through hoops because they know that their constituents are pissed off. A quick look at the polls would also convince you that Americans are upset.

                          I talk to people about immigration all the time...and my empirical results are the direct opposite of yours. I can only assume that you're an illegal alien, and that people are pandering to you on the subject. I'm confident that I would get a vastly different - and more honest - response from the same Americans.


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                            So tell me - if they are illegal, how do they get food stamps, welfare, medical coverage etc. Americans have a real tough time getting those benefits. I don't see you lined up to pick potatoes, wash dishes, or bus tables. Also, the 'illegals' they rant about are specifically Mexicans - is that not racist to pick out a certain group and assume they are less than dirt? And who are you to judge?


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                              Illegal aliens can collect welfare benefits on behalf of their US-born kids. Also, if they go to a hospital emergency room, by law the hospital has to treat them, and then seek reimbursement from Medicaid if the alien doesn't pay. They can't even ask immigration status. But, when we speak of welfare, we also mean social services, such as education for illegal alien kids, which do not require proof of status.

                              As for "picking out" Mexicans, well, where did that come from? So far in this thread, I don't see any mention of Mexico or even Hispanic or Latino. Immigration advocates and the government of Mexico push the "illegals are all Mexicans" angle, by proclaiming that Mexicans make up the majority of illegal aliens. Even if they are, I don't see that that's anything to be proud of--being the country that breaks US law most often. As for our immigration law being "racist", well, Mexico is the single country that sends the MOST LEGAL immigrants to the U.S. It can't send as many people as it would like to, but then there are few developing countries who can. A recent Pew Hispanic Center study in Mexico found that 46 percent of Mexico's population would like to migrate here. And that's just one country! The Mexican government also makes a point of lobbying the US government, and even local governments, to make it easier for THEIR citizens here illegally to remain here. President Bush himself singles out Mexicans and Hispanics as why we should have a "guest worker" program, i.e. amnesty. So, if anyone targets them, it's because they and their advocates make targets of themselves. The "racism" is primarily on the part of immigration advocates, who believe that making ILLEGAL synonymous with race will silence debate and get amnesty through. Just for the record, while Mexicans probably are the single largest group of illegals (as if anyone knows for sure), other groups with large populations of illegals include India, Ireland, China, Poland, and Pakistan. These countries do a little quiet lobbying, trying to get breaks for THEIR illegals, but nothing on the scale or publicity as Mexico.