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    My question is to if adopting my step daughter has any advantages or disadvantages with INS filing. Currenly, she is here in the USA and has here I-130 approved, but have to file adjustment of status.

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    Is she cute ? Maybe I'll marry her; how old ?


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      Not unless you want arrested. She is 5


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        No, a stepdaughter is jst as related as an adopted daughter, assuming there is no doubt about the genuineness of your marriage. Adoption might be quite a process, as well. I believe that, at least, she needs to have lived with you for two years before adoption.


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          Mmmmmm a 5 year old; thats hot


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            "Mmmmmm a 5 year old; thats hot"

            Michael, is this some kind of sickness or what? I've always admired your humor, but this is far beyond than any humor. Everything looks fine so long it's under limitation. But I think this time you have crossed that limitation.

            How can you even think such a nas-ty and dirty thoughts about a child? I know you are only saying that being 5 yrs old is hot, but it automatically interprets everything. It's really sickening. Someone has said previously that you maybe growing up and showing concern for others. Now I know what they were talking about when it's obvious what kind of concern you have shown here. And, it's also obvious how you have grown up in their tinted eyes/mind. I also thought that you have moved to something further than just pouring your ALL interests into young, hot and under 21, but it's obvious that you have "flip-flop" position on it. I do know that you don't have a wife as of now, but it doesn't mean that you will have to see each woman with this kind of intention. Don't you have mother and sister? How would you feel if someone would think about them in a same sense as you think about other women? Also, how would you feel if other grown men will think the same about your baby-daughter in the future if you will have a daughter one day? PLEASE keep your na-sty thoughts and hands away from these little angels.

            Just because a female is illegal or an immigrant, it doesn't mean that she has to open her legs for you or for any other American man. It's all about having your own morals and self-respect, as well a respect to other human beings. In order to gain respect, try to first respect others. But, unfortunately I forgot to know that you don't need respect, as you are desperate for something else.

            I also know that your alien-wife has defrauded you as you say so, but it doesn't mean that each and every alien-spouse is same as was your ex-wife. Each case is different based upon each person's individual situation. Matter of fact, even my own fingers are not equal even though they are part of my body, then how can you compare each alien-spouse as to be the same as your ex-wife. However, it is true that mostly aliens do get involved in marriage fraud so that they can live in this country permanently and legally. But on the other hand, they always deliberately claim to be in a real marriage. Believe me, INS is aware of this. But they just don't have enough money and manpower to go after in investigating each case seriously and aggresively, especially when they are burdened with heavy workload. Talking about fruads and other stuffs, won't do anything at all. If you are really concerned about this country, and want to stand up against fraud then you should contact Congress for this. You can make a VERY compelling and persuading case for Congress to think about your concerns. Send your letter to all the Senators [100] in Senate and all the Representatives in House [435]. As well, you should join groups and organizations, which are standing up against immigration-fraud or illegal immigrants or whatever else like Acelaw. Being a USC, you do have the right to raise your voice against anything that you feel unjust.

            Moreover, what else do you expect from a woman from Eastern Europe, especially from Russia and former Soviet Union? Statistics and cases have shown again and again in times that 98% females [not all] from these countries are just behind the money and in obtaining legal status in the United States, then why are you keeping your ex-wife's acts to your heart? Why is it so hard for you not to let it go? I can provide you ton of links [at least 200 links] about ˜mail order brides' from these countries, but you need to give a serious thought to the totality of the situation. I mean- why in the world a 18 yrs old girl, who looks like a Barbie doll in a perfect world, will desire to marry even a 70 yrs old American man? Especially, when these girls don't even talk about dating [without s-ex] or other stuffs first, instead they just insist on getting married as soon as possible despite of the fact that they don't even meet the man in person in most of cases. It reminds me a dialogue from a movie- ˜Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'. This movie is about three blondes scheming to marry zillionaires, let me quote-"Ever since I was a little girl, I always had this dream: to marry a zillionaire. I'd like to marry Rockefeller." "Which one?" "I don't care." "I'd like to marry Mr. Vanderbilt." "Is there a Mr. Cadillac?"

            Michael, based upon the limited information on your past, it appears to me that you married her for "goodie" because of her look, and she married you for "convenience". I personally don't feel that you are less guilty here than she was. Because, she used you for something else other than you used her for. As well, her modus oprandi was different than yours. Case closed.

            Is everything OK with you? Are you physically and mentally all right? If you are OK, then I just cannot understand why are you unable to find someone to cool down your "little Mikey". You are not living in 3rd world country, are you? If not, then you should not have any problem in finding women for date. If you are living in 3rd world country then I can understand perfectly why you are unable to find a date, because women are not that easy going there, nor they have that much freedom as they have in the Western world because of many reasons like cultural, social, religious, personal and etc. Then why is it so hard for you to find a girl here? Everyman, including aliens, can get a beautiful girl very easily here, then why don't you? And don't tell me that you are living in NYC; otherwise you will put me down in this department. This is a city where nobody can live "empty nest". Left and right, you can easily find not only the quantity but also the quality in NYC.

            In my entire life, I never met, not even a single man who has shortage of girls or who has difficulty in finding women to get laid, even a 70 yrs old man can do fishing by himself. Then why don't you? If you are so desperate to get laid, and don't want to spend your time in romancing or money in wining/dinning, then you should just go to Las Vegas, where you can easily get laid without spending that much money for a quality besides quantity. As well, you may get as young as you want, and dates from girls from any country and of any race. It is all legal there. I personally never went out with those kind of women, nor I would ever go out with them, but Vegas is all about having fun to me, baby. I don't know what was wrong in your marriage, nor do I know what's wrong with you now, but let me give you a tip just to start off. If you see a girl/woman who you will be interested in, just approach her by saying: "Hi. Miss, are you from Tennessee?" She might say: "No. What made you to say so?" Then you should reply: "Because, I don't see anything less than 10 in you" I am pretty sure she will fly over the chandeliers and you will get winkling eyes for you, and then who knows that could lead to something further. Does that sound good to you?

            Having noticed your desperation thrust for "cookie", I would strongly suggest you to read a man's guide/book ˜What Women Want', by authors-Laurence Roy Stains and Stefan Bechtel. You can order this book from Rodale publishing company. I promise that if you will follow the tips from this book, then not only you will be able to get tons of dates so easily, but also be able to have successful marriage in the future. Moreover, it would also be beneficial to you if you are able to read biography of ˜Casanova'. I cannot tell everything in details here about this man, but in short- this guy, Casanova, slept with almost 1100 women in his life. The mostly women he slept with were very beautiful, attractive, and young while he was in his 70s. He even slept with all his daughters, all stepdaughters, nieces and even granddaughters too. Not that he initiated first to get them to bed, instead all of these women came to him with their free will based upon how he treated women. I'm not saying that you have to follow his footsteps like sleeping around with family members, instead all I am saying that you have to pick up good things out of bad, and the overview of Casanova's life will give you a perfect opportunity to learn how to treat a women while your life pursuits.

            Though I'm not an expert on relationship matter, yet still I would like to quote something here so that you can have some idea about relationship:

            [1] "Trying to understand is a gift to your lover."

            [2] One woman said: "I admire how men can get away with murder because they are men. He has s-ex with another girl. His response: ˜She put it in my face; what was I supposed to do?'"

            [3] Another woman said: "I admire the fact that a man can have a beer belly, a bald head, yellow teeth, bad breath, athlete's foot, and no job and still think he's the best catch in the sea."

            [4] Another woman said: "Men don't seem to go through the whole, ˜Does she really like me? What does she mean when she says I look good in this? Does saying she likes my hair today mean she didn't like it yesterday? thing."

            [5] The truth in a relationship is like food and water to life. With it, you grow and stay well. When you begin lying, you choke off the life and continuously live in turmoil.

            [6] Real romance is listening and hearing what other spouse/lover says.

            [7] A woman said: "For the man to say, ˜What do you want me to say?' is a surefire way to throw a woman into a fury."

            [8] Women are simple. They need all three C's from men: Commitment, compliments, and cun-nilingus.

            [9] "If everyone truly believed women are responsible for their own org-asms, faking it would become an antiquated practice, like a man asking a woman's father for her hand in marriage." ~ Susan Crain Bakos, se-x author

            [10] Women are not puppets to a mating strategy.

            [11] "Don't you know that a man being rich is like a girl being pretty?" ~ Marilyn Monroe, in ˜Gentlemen prefer Blondes'- a movie.

            [12] "It's not just his big, brown eyes and warm, genuine smile; it's also the way he treats me with such respect, the little things that show he loves me...the phone call when he's running late, brushing my hair, the long walks hand in hand, putting the toilet seat down..." (Italics ours) ~ Randee Hainline, from Redbook magazine's Sexiest Husband in America contest

            [13] Be honest, be loving, be kind. You get more with honey than vinegar.

            At last, please don't even think something like this about a child, and keep your corrupted thinking away from children at least. I've just wasted my valuable time in an effort to help you so that you can find someone to date than having insane thinking about a child. Always remember- what goes around, always comes around. If you can remember a movie of Charles Bronson, wherein a Japanese old diplomat took the advantage in a crowed bus to seduce Charles Bronson's 10 yr old daughter, who was going to school in mini skirt. It terrorized her so bad that she could not even tell all details about her abuses to her father- Charles Bronson, a Police Detective. But then, the same Japanese man's own 10 yr old daughter got kidnapped by mafia people, who used his daughter for selling s-ex in order to make profit. She was forced to have s-ex with men who were even 74 yrs old, like politicians and other influential men in the society. As well with influential and rich women too, who liked very young girl for s-ex. Don't think that it was just a movie. It could happen to anyone, and matter of fact- it does happen somewhere in daily life. All I am saying- what goes around, does come around. Peace.


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              Ouch !! Drop dead !!! yea I agree 100 % Russians are fraudsters that invade our country and cheat innocent Americans; Every American has legal right to bang illegal women !!!