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Victory of Illegal aliens

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  • Victory of Illegal aliens

    In New York City illegal aliens having no social security number can extend their driving licenses - the judge reversed the decision of the republican Pataki who introduced the state legislation requiring verification of social security numbers for all drivers in New York state.
    Thank you to Porto Rican Immigrant organizations which have won this battle with racist republican Pataki.

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    YOU SAD B-I-T-C-H MARIA. Don't worry it's only temporary.........please tell me how Pataki is being racist when all he is trying to do is protect his state and country from a-s-s-h-o-l-e-s like you. Maria your ignorance and arrogance makes me sick and I can't wait for the day that ICE comes knocking on your door though they will have to get your customer out of your a-s-s first!!!!!


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      next time i get my license suspended in NY -- i can just re-apply with a fake name, fake id and no ssn #. Thanks Puerto Ricans!

      -= nav =-