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    I need sound advise... Please help!

    I have read about the DOJ's resolve to enforce an old law that mandates aliens to notify the INS of any address change within 10 days. One posting on this discussion board suggested that ONLY those who have cases pending with the INS need to inform them of address changes. Elsewhere, I read that ALL ALIENS must comply with this regulation, and that failure to do so is a deportable offense! I am really confused!!

    I am a lawful permanent resident with a U.S. citizen wife and two little kids who are U.S. citizens. I do not have any case pending with the INS. And, I have not yet met the residency requirements for naturalization.

    I bought a new house six months ago, and, thus, changed my address. Since I was under the impression I did not have to notify the INS of this because I had no case pending with them, I did not do it. Around that time, I even talked to an immigration attorney who said I did not have to file the form AR-11 with the INS. Which of these informations is right? Do I need to inform the INS of my change of address? If i do it so late, will the delay (i.e., not notifying within ten days) be held against me? Does this failure alone constitute a basis for deportation?

    Please help!!