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  • Is there anything I can do

    Hello Everybody,
    Me and my wife have been here in the U.S. for almost 14 years.Both entered legally, Got an "Attorney" right before the visa expires. We've been told that he'll take care of all the paper works so we can stay, he said just to wait. But after 2 years of waiting and thousands of dollars , We found out that he was arrested and prosecuted. In short we have been overstaying here for over 12 years. My question is, what are my options to stay here legally. By the way, We do have kids and they were all born here. What is the best thing to do. PLEASE ADVISE.

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    Your Us kids can not help you. They changed that law back in 1996 because so many people were misuing the laws so thats the end of that.
    As for the lawyer..the question is did he file anything or lead you to believe that he filed anything at all? You could have filed under the LIFE act which isnt existent right now.
    What did you enter on...and what was supposed to be filed and what was the name of the attorney and based on what city?


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      Just a bit of clarification...

      You arrived legally 14 years ago, you had a visa that was good for 2 years and just before it expired you hired an attorney. The attorney was arrested before your files could be processed. In the enduring 12 years since your visa expired you have been living illegally in the U.S.? So, after 12 years you are finally getting around to dealing with your illegal overstay? Is this the gist of your situation?