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There has to be a fair balance

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  • There has to be a fair balance

    There has to be a balance to come up with a good solution. This is a complicated issues that both sides has benifited from.

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    There has to be a balance to come up with a good solution. This is a complicated issues that both sides has benifited from.


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      The one "side" that hasn't benefited is the American public. Employers and illegal aliens yes, but not US workers and taxpayers.


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        The large corporations have benifited. This is one reason why Bush has to come up with a politially correct answer.


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          The large corporations have benefited, but they're not voters. And the Americans who do vote for the most part have not benefited, which is why, despite Bush's claims of a robust economy, people don't believe him. The gains are going to companies, not to workers/voters. Wages have been stagnant in real terms for the past five years, and part of the reason is illegal immigration. "Politically correct" would require him to enforce the laws, especially against employers, but so far, he's just making a show of border enforcement, as if that's the only kind there is.


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            I agree that there are disadvantages to illegal immigrants. Dispite what many people think the illegal immigrants bring money into the economy. I feel that there should be some balance between the two.

            I tried to make this a link but this blog gives good example of what I think.



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              The money illegal aliens bring into the economy typically goes to themselves or to other illegal aliens for the goods and services they provide. Just how is a Chinese restaurant, for example, that hires illegal aliens and sources its business from the immigrant community increasing the welfare of AMERICANS in general? I may get cheap Chinese, but I still have to pay for the medical care of said workers and the education of their kids (not to mention the likelihood of catching infectious diseases from unscreened workers.) They may add to GDP, which is why the Fed pushes immigration, BUT THE BENEFITS MAINLY ACCRUE TO THE IMMIGRANTS. This basically the argument that George Borjas, a Harvard economist specializing in the economics of immigration, makes. Furthermore, remember, the contribution of illegal aliens would and could be made by LEGAL immigrants and citizens. In fact, they might actually add MORE because they're paid better.


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                I had a look at the link you provided and they make a statement that really isn't totally true, that Mexicans want to become "Americans" and just don't want to make the effort. Legalization does not change that. Read a few interviews in the press with illegal aliens who were legalized by the 1986 amnesty, and you'll find that most still aren't fluent in English and still don't earn much because they started out with little to no education to begin with. Something like 14 percent of Mexican LPRs who were eligible to naturalize have done so, a very low rate. In other words, it would take massive amounts of money to remedy these obstacles, and then you have the even bigger one of attitude: just what incentive does someone who benefits from illegal acts have to refrain from breaking the law in the future, or teaching his/her kids that it's OK? Check the number of illegal alien kids, or US citizen kids born to illegals, who make excuses for their parents and think that what their parents did is justified because it was to give them (the kids) a "better life". Just what violation of the law won't this excuse cover?


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                  Hey Walker,

                  read your blog. but you didnt offer any solution ?????? You just stated what everybody already knows. I hear you.

                  "Many Mexicans immigrants don't mind the process it takes to become an American citizen. The problem is that they either don't want to take the time or simply can't wait to follow the proper procedures to become legal citizens."

                  Oh so America should devise a solution to accomodate because they want to put forth ZERO EFFORT? . come on now.

                  "The process can take years in many cases. If the citizenship process was easier and more organized, there would be a dramatic drop in illegals."

                  Of course it takes years. Legal immigration has always taken years for legal immigrants. Even in cases of marriage based immigration they do not instantly get a permanent card.. it is conditional. What .. are you asking for instant/6 months good behavior cards? citizenship in 1 year maybe

                  Come onnnnnnnn.. get a grip..

                  offer us up a viable solution. Im listening. see the other thread going on relative to this.