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Reentry after travelling abroad while I-751 application pending

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  • Reentry after travelling abroad while I-751 application pending

    I have applied for removal condition on my greencard obtained due to marriage with US citizen.

    I have received letter of extention of green card from USCIS for another one year in January 2007.
    That One year also expired and after that I got stamping on my passport from local office of USCIS in january 2008 for another extention of one year. That extention of greencard will expire january 2009.

    My case is still pending with USCIS.

    Can I travel abroad /out of US due to unavoideble circumstances and if I travel out of US, at the time to returning to US, will immigration officer at the point of entry / US airport will allow me to enter?

    Travel is adivseble or I should avoid travel?

    Thank you

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    The stamp you have is as good as GC. In other words, you can travel for business/pleasure (or whatever reason, not only emergency) and return without the problems.

    Sure, to be able to re-enter, the normal rules apply (did not commit crime, did not stay longer than 6/12 months...) + your I-751 hasn't been denied in the meantime.

    If you travel, make sure there is somebody in the USA who can check your mail...