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Biggest Dope & Fraud - JOSEPHINE SCHMOE

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  • Biggest Dope & Fraud - JOSEPHINE SCHMOE

    Ironic how she accuses Swissnut of being a Fraud, when she is the most fraudulent, mentally unstable b*i*t*c*h ever.

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    Ironic how she accuses Swissnut of being a Fraud, when she is the most fraudulent, mentally unstable b*i*t*c*h ever.


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      posted August 27, 2004 12:25 PM

      You can not counter actions of mentally ill individuals on by using outdated,overused, 'lay man-became psychoanalyst' type of theories such as "he/she needs attention" and etc.
      Besides, telling mentally ill person that he/she mentally ill is illogical in first place: By stating that certain person is metally ill we eliminate the possibility that this particular person able to comprehend/understand what is being said to him/her.

      So, when you tell to mentally ill person (like Jo Shmo, for instance) "You are mentally ill" it is not much different from telling a Whale that it is acting 'crazy' by attacking and trying to eat you.

      However, we could pause a minute and ask ourselves: what causes 'production' of Jo types among us?
      IS there ANYTHING we can do to NOT contribute to the formation and multiplication of "Jo Shmo" types in our society?

      I think there are things we can't do but there are also things that we CAN do.

      One of the things, and most important indeed, is to EDUCATE people and help those who are in trouble but who haven't become "Josiphicated" yet.

      Making funny,delightful,humorous and healthy stories about "Josiphicated"/Jo-like people is part of educational seminar and it helps our youth and adult population to grasp very important, practical, helpful concepts in the context of Satire, which also makes educational process an entertaining quest.

      There are many other creative ways to help troubled individuals in our society to cope with their problems in most efficient ways, while preventing them from becoming "Josiphicated" in future.

      I personally think that help through Entertaining EDUCATION to those who can still be Educated is the most feasible, practical and effective way of making our Society the most progressive,healthy and flourishing Society on the Earth.

      Best wishes,



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        kjv, leave jo alone, she's good, intelligent and witty, the qualities you don't possess.

        look at yourself and think what's really ironic.


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          E., another robot paster who lives for my girl josie. that his way to express his love?


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            i like josie artical. she's our new moderator!