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Visa After deportation.

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  • Visa After deportation.

    Hi, I am mexican, I was deported from the Houston airport on Nov 2,2005 (more than a year ago) because I overstayed 2 months, and I accepted I worked illegally even if they didnt have any proof of that. I paid my airplane back to Mexico all pacefully. I got a job as a Cruise Photographer and they will give me a letter to apply and get a C-1D visa. As my deportation happened more than a year ago I dont have to fill out the I-212 form... Do I have any possibility of getting that visa (that is only for 29 days just to abord the ship)? What should I do, what should I say, what should I take to the enterview in the consulate to be certain I have a chance?

  • #2, I didn't realize that Mexicans could speak English.

    On a serious note: because you've already shown a disregard for America's sovereignty and rule-of-law, your chances of obtaining a visa are remote.

    I believe that there is a visa (D-1/D-2) that allows crew members to be onboard a ship berthed at an American port, but doesn't necessarily allow said crew members to leave the ship. Perhaps that visa might work for you?


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      Huh... thanks? My sister speaks 5 languages, I only speak english besides spanish...

      Thank you for your replay... Do you know what is an non-immigrant waiver?


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        your chances of getting a waiver and a visa are about the same as the sun burning out consul in his or her right mind is going to reward a visa cheat with another doubt you were working illegally in the US...our border folks don't make up stories like slimeball visa cheats do (like you)...enjoy life back in Mexico.


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          Someone 12, I lived in USA long enough to gladly know that not all people living in there is like you. ;-)


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            Fortunately there are lots of people like me in the USA...who are patriotic and have RESPECT for our laws, unlike dirtbags like you who have none. You, like all other lowlife illegals, try to blame our laws and officials for your irresponsibility....well vaya con el diablo, pendejo, ud no va a recibir ningun tipa de visa ni perdon violated the visa privilege given to you by the USA and you showed your lack of moral character by abusing that consul will reward your behavior in the foreseeable future.... and I applaud their efforts to keep you and others just like you out of MY country...


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              Hi Mohan
              We could really use you're help with our I-601 my email is


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                What an attorney said to me, if someone is in a similar situation this may help:

                "What you need to do is to get an appointment for your visa. At the interview, you need to disclose what happened at the aiport (give them a copy of the documents they gave you) and at that time you need to ask the Consul that would like to request a nonimigrant waiver for the removal and for having violated your nonimmigrant status by working and overstaying

                You need to be ready to prove to the Consul that if you are allowed into the U.S. again you will not stay here. Therefore, have good proof of your ties in Mexico and an explanation as to why you will not do that again"

                Thank you very much to this nice attorney ;-)


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                  as I said, consuls won't be fooled a second time and they won't believe your BS story nor promises....que disfrute Mexico!


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                    ...que disfrute Mexico!
                    Need some salsa picante along with that taco sir?