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    How long after she entered did you get married.


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      If the officer was really that mean and rude during the interview,you should have done this.
      You should have asked the Officer to stop this interview and immidiately call his supervisor or ask for the supervisiors name or even ask for directors name and where his office is right away.
      Remember those officers are like any employee anywhere else,if they bu.ll around,they can get in trouble,warning or even termination,they are employed and have bosses like anyone else...
      you need to understand,these officers often mis use their power,which they do not even have,but assume they do,because most people who are being interwviewed are scared and worries,but you need to understand these officers have a limit and can not get off tipic and be should have right away complaint,not to the officer but u should have told the officer "I will report you,and I want you supervisors name right away and want him to be here right away...or worst,you ask for the director.Believe me,they can get in big time trouble and even those officers wanna keep their jobs.

      I heard those stories alot how officers are rude and mean and all...

      I was I guess lucky, I was back then at my marriage interview,with a female office rin her mid 30's and she was very politie,nice and down to earth and ask realistic questions and so on.

      You need to be careful, but when you say MEAN on here in this forum...its also wise to please tell us what u mean by that,how mean was he,what did he say or do...


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        First off... We are not from Germany... don't know where you pulled that from. Before giving advice let's make sure we have our facts straight. We got married about two months after she came. We are now in the process of putting together all kinds of evidence we can think of to show that out marriage is bonafide. Also, please remember that if there is an option people will use it. I was given marriage in the US as an option and I took it. I am ok with the law being applied harder on my case which it is respected by my wife and I. Reading other cases from people who did the similar thing I did (B1 Visa to AOS) a general conclusion can be made that most of the cases get approved. The appointment with USCIS officer was never scheduled and we decided to hold off and make an appointment in March. Thank you all one more time for your response. More advice is always welcomed.


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          grizzly did i read right, u made ur own appt with USCIS????


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            We did not make an appointment as previously stated. We will be making one in March. The appointment is made through InfoPass and that's located at


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              have u even put in ur paper work yet? Before the visa that she entered on hasnt expired? I know about info pass. thanks. I thought u were planning ur own immigration int.


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                thanks for your response.
                here is what I meant by MEAN: the officers asked as (my husband, who is a citizen and my sponsor, and I) in. We did not have a lawyer with us, we collected all the evidence such as bills and photographs, we simply followed the instructions. the interview did not take more than 5 min. The officer was writing notes and asked questions at the same time, I started answering since the first few questions such as using anytime financial aid were directed to me. then next question she asked I started answering all of a sudden she lifted her head looked and said:"I talk to him, not to you." I was stunned, and of course we should have asked for supervisor but she asked us out, on the way out in the hallway I asked if this is it or do we have another interview, she said yes, wait for mail, thank you. We left stunned. Since then we did 100 appointments for Infopass. It will be 2 years soon.
                And I know we should have been smarter, but who would anticipate something like that?


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                  amarles... how did you come to the US? Did you enter on a visitor visa, got married copule of months later and then field for AOS?


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                    I came as visitor in 1993, went to high school etc., got married in 1996 but didn't apply then for naturalization, remarried in 2003 is when I applied.


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                      nftd3... as stated in my original post all the papers were filed. The papers were filed at least three months before her permission to stay in the USA expired. I believe it is a requirement that paperwork is filed before the stay expires so you will not be considered as overstaying.

                      amarles... you say you applied for naturalization... did you go through the AOS (Adjustment of Status) process or do you mean AOS by saying naturalization. Please note that I am thinking of naturalization as applying to become a US citizen and AOS as applying to become permanent resident in my case. If you went through the AOS process how did that go? Please clarify.

                      Thank you once more for all your responses.


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                        I meant AOS process, and it has been 21 months since our interview and noone has any information, case is pending, Infopass is no info at all.
                        When i call USCIS 800 number they tell me I should have gotten my GC already and then I go for Infopass with this information and at my local office they just say no info, wait. So, the process is not going as we thought it would be. Oh, I got my second biometrics 2 mo ago although i never got an appt. to do so, I just went to local office to pick up some forms and i just asked about it, and they did it same time.
                        really frustrated at this point.


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                          Can anymore suggestions be offered? This is starting to try my patience. We are reaching a state of frustration but trying to hang in there. We will let you all know what happens at our InfoPass appointment. As probably already stated we will schedule an appointment at the end of March.


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                            Can I please throw this out into the crowd...... does it really matter what nationality u are when applying for AOS thru marriage? I am really curious at peoples thoughts.


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                              I do not believe nationality has much to do with it because if you can a bonfide marriage you should be fine. The reason I mentioned that we are from the same country and age group is because at the interview we were told that we have advantages and disadvantages. The advantages were that we were from the same country and age group and the disadvantage was that we did not have much in common. However, the officer also mentioned that we wouldn't have much in common since we just got married about 8 months before the interview. However, at this point we have many more things is common. We are also getting ready to transfer a house under my and my wifes name and move into the house that we have been building. A house should boost the fact that the marriage is bonafide


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                                which one of u is the USC?


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