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Married to overstayed

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  • Married to overstayed

    Recently I came to know a person had married to another Permanent Residence Alien. who had been I-551 for last 4.6 years.

    they had been honest and working paying tax, looking after one another very happy in there married life.
    Completed college in US.
    I am still looking into the regulations and laws how they can adjust there overstayed matters.
    Any one can has any comments, please.

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    How about obeying our laws? Tell us Kumar....why is violating our laws so acceptable to you? You must be a dirtbag supporter.


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      Someone12, you always try to shot in the drak....with out any knowledge of person's
      problems what they are thinking .
      He is simply asking how can he do such he already informed them that being a USC he don't think you can do this.
      Unless he has married a USC.


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        FSN: I don't care....this jagoff wants to find some loophole because his douchebag-cleaning 'friends' have no respect for our laws...and I don't support anyone who cannot obey simple rules, so shove it.


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          Illegal alien spouses of LPRs cannot adjust.