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I salute American people. long live amerika

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  • I salute American people. long live amerika

    APRIL FOOL u bast ards amerikans... salute american .. never. kill the amerikan *******s behead them.. Fuc k america and jesus...ALLAH HU AKBAR..

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    Don't you people find it amazing that Epicb@stard, Emica, Atwitsend, marmaduk and scores, and scores of others almost NEVER reply to most outrageous posts by itduzz, while they all come after me every time I post anything about Mexicans and History of Immigration throughout many decades?

    With the exception of few , short theatrical replies, no one really ever complains to MODERATOR about this poster, while they all cry fouls as soon as they see my posts..

    What does it tell you?

    That I was right, none of these 'MODERATOR!! MODERATOR!!' screamers really care about c-r-a-p, no matter how malicious it be, but they are most intolerant of someone who intelligently shares opinions different from their own.

    So much for 'MODERATOR!!' screamers credibility


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      I agree with vigilante Epicb@stard's reasoning and explanation.

      Let's see, on last count Epic****ster - 809 posts, 150 of which are missing , 99% of which are filled with **** ON GRINTS, and I HAVE KEROSENE, BURN GRINT, BURN and filled with this emoticon . Itduzz - 118 posts.

      And you wonder why you're getting all the heat???


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        Well, Mr. Shipler, lets see here....

        1) How do you know for sure I didn't report Itduzz's slanderous posts to the moderators as well? Oh yeah, you DON'T KNOW that. You just ASSUME that me and/or the other posters didn't do anything.... Another one of your principles that you so willingly violate, eh Mr. Shipler?

        2) If you're capable of using the search function properly, then you would see that I've barter with the OP before. Or is using the search function to difficult for your level of intelligence? Perhaps, you're so sick and tired of the search function after using it repeatedly to delete all those slanderous posts of yours?

        3) As mentioned in other posts, how much intelligence is involved in typing several lines of "**** ON GRINTS"?? If thats your definition of intelligent posts, then as mentioned before, my condolences to you. Don't strain that brain of yours too hard now, it might just burst.

        4) As mentioned in above posts, Itduzz post 1 slanderous topic and then dissapears for awhile. You posted dozens of slanderous post and keep piling them up. And you wonder why people react more negatively toward you?? You ain't that bright, yes?


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          Poor, poor marmaduk, your eyes still itch when you see my posts, don't they?
          And when do you say was the last time you created a thread saying "Reporting erroneous posts To Moderator", which wasn't created specifically for me? Huh??

          See, that's what I am talking about

          Now I have no doubt that you are a good person..for me to **** on


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            Atwitsend, I can create 10000 posts here, that's not point.
            Most of those 150 'deleted' posts were in responce to Epicb@stard's nonsense, but if 'nonsense' was the real issue for you then why did you so loudly praise the b@stard for plenty of it while grilling me for responding to him in similar way?
            Again, who do you think you are fooling here?

            Verily, you too are good person.. for me to **** on


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              As mentioned before Mr.Shipler, you junked the board with dozens of posts. I'm simply encourage others to take more action to clean it up. Apparently, it work just fine in your case.

              Now if Itduzz's case become as extreme as yours, then you can bet another post like that will appear in the future, instead of just reporting it to the moderator. Of course you will probably just get jealous and again ASSUME that nothing is being done, and that Itduzz can get away with more stuff than you can


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                [quote] I'm simply encourage others to [end quote]

                How many classes did you finish?
                I admit, my English is very poor compared to Shakespeare or writers of NY Post columns, but still, where did you learn yours?

                I am just curious


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                  Never stated grammar or even mastery of the English language as my strong point. I'm not a scholar and professional writer like you claimed you're. Then again, I'm also not the one that claim writing "**** ON GRINT" repeatedly on several lines as an intelligent post either.


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                    Do you have vocabulary problems as well?
                    Since when you are incapable of understanding the word 'Satire' or 'Parody'?
                    How could one possibly parody an Idiot while speaking on his/her behalf intelligently?


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                      Ah, again insinuating the insults and slander as nothing but parody. Off course when someone is backed to a corner, any exit is better than nothing

                      Just take a look at this posts of yours again shall we:

                      Why don't we go ahead and ask 10 random people, see if they see that as a parody or nothing more than slander and insults?? What, the sample base not big enough you say? What about 1000000 people then? The answer will still be the same


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                        Actually I can repost the same thing again, no need for you to 'save' it in special 'archives'

                        Now tell me ,what is so strange about comparing the rhetoric of Nazis to that of Itduzz?
                        In fact I find them very close to each other.

                        Will you disagree?


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                          So you can just delete them again and cover your tracks? Nah, it doesnt cost me a thing to keep that example of your post in there

                          If you want to do a bold face lie and keep spewing the same thing, then its definitely on your best interest to keep spinning it on. Then again, you're quite an adept in backtracking and reversing statements, just as you loved to ASSUME how things are done despite your so-called principles, Mr.Shipler.


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                            Uh, but skies are green and milk is blue and birds are swimming and marmaduk is the most honest and intelligent man on planet Earth who never said he doesn't give a d-a-r-n about fairness
                            Uh, how could I ever forget

                            And I am the liar, I am the one without principles, I am the one reversing, assuming and spinning everythiong..

                            And how could it be otherwise?

                            Now go get some rest, marmaduk, you need it


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                              So you can just delete them again and cover your tracks? Nah, it doesnt cost me a thing to keep that example of your post in there
                              Poor ,illiterate, unsophisticated man, do you compare me to yourself? Forgive me for being straightforward but..
                              Do you really think I am stupid enough not to know how and what can be tracked on net?
                              Do you REALLY beleive that I deleted those posts to 'cover tracks'?

                              Why am I even talking to this guy?