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Obama: National Disgrace and Child Molestor

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  • Obama: National Disgrace and Child Molestor

    Obama ogles at a 16 year old's bottom. This shows he is a child molestor and a disgrace.

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    Michael, how many hours have you spent enjoying this picture?

    By the way, she wants to immigrant to US. Dont you wish she could be your 10th mail order bride?


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      Brotha got da white feva. Wha da M'chelle thank?


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        Michael why do you hate your President so much, every single word that comes out of your mouth is a racial I guess your daughter need to bring a black man to you as her husband for you to stop this mess. Find somewhere else to put your energy instead of being a sick deranged man.
        Michael O


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          First, he is the president of no one, as Obama was not born in Hawaii, he was born in Kenya.

          Second, we don't hate. It is not hate to expose treason, hypocracy, tyranny, or other misdeeds.

          Third, Obama needs to be arrested as an illegal alien, for passport fraud, and for failing to register in a timely manner with the Selective Service. He registered or someone registered for him after he was 35 years old.


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            Mike O...

            You might as well talk to a brick wall when dealing with either SoM or fedNUT. The needle is stuck in the same old (wrong) groove!
            "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."