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    Ronald Reagan freed most of you people from communism so you should be saying a prayer for him

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    Ronald Reagan freed most of you people from communism so you should be saying a prayer for him


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      He was known as THE DEVIL to millions in Libya, Beirut and so on. As a president, he did a poor job, but as a MAN, he was a symbol for all AMERICANS. But he surely will be missed as an actor.... but that's all there is to it Michael.

      Communism destroyed itself, you should start hitting on the history books old-chap.


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        He attacked Lybia after they tossed an old man in a wheelchair into the sea; I suppose the devil would approve of that


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          His era was much like Bush's - except he was a SMARTER president who could answer questions for himself, without seeking any aid from the vice-president.

          The guy was elected twice because AMERICA had no one better to defeat REAGAN after his 1st term. His wife was a great 1st lady, unlike Barbara.


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            As a spouse and human being, amen and RIP.
            As a politician: good riddance, one down, one more similarly demented president to go!


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              He's been dead ten years anyhow.

              Now his poor wife will be free.
              Sweet Madame Belu


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                Yes, A lots of Mexicans should cry and remember Reagan now as their savior angel. When there was the big amnesty in 1986 and millions of illegal Mehicanos got amnesty and their green cards; yes that was during Reagan's presidency, wasn't it?
                Come on you all "Speedy Gonzales" smelly, jelly bean Mehicanos... sing the song and remember your savior President: Ronald Reagan.


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                  Whether you agree with what Reagan did or not, how can you help but not like him? He was the most charismatic president during my life LOL Being the president is not easy. Think about it. It doesn't matter what the president does, there is always someone who's toes he's going to step on. You can't please everyone. Every president has made very big mistakes. They are just humans who happen to have found there way into one of the most powerful positions on this planet.
                  Have a nice day


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                    The guy simply was not a good president, but he was a good man. Bush failed both qualities, no matter how good his family is.


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                      Here's one 4 the Gipper

                      R & R

                      ressurect Reagonomics

                      Just say NO


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                        I pay my respect and tribute on his death. Many politicians are came and gone, ( I stay away from politics), He is the one who United many families. He is the one who won cold war.
                        I still remember my visit to Moscow in 1990, when people have to pay 2900 rubel to buy one sweater in cold winter, its was a big deal to buy one sweater in russia and the currency rate was 1 rubel= 9 US Dollar.
                        Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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                          He is a good president; he gave 4 million illegal aliens a green card back in 1986.
                          If he still in power he will give another amnesty for the hard honest 10 million illegal people. God bless him. I wish other president have the courage and guts to give amnesty for the illegal.


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