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Resending I-485 with I-130

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  • Resending I-485 with I-130

    So I have to include the I-130 on my 2nd attempt at sending the I-485 package.
    The I-130 asks for the bio form G325A. However, my wife and I already did that form (8 pages) with our previous application attempts.
    Do we need to do the G325A again on our 2nd I485 attempt since it's all being filed concurrently?

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    While immediate relatives may adjust while they are out of status, it's always a good idea to file as soon as possible to legalize the status of the person in question. If the I-130 is no longer valid when you do file, you'll need to file a new one (and pay the fee again) but it's known that the I-130 and the I-485 can (and in most cases should) be filed together.
    In theory, you can file now or you can file 10 years from now if the marriage is still standing by then.
    You should consult with an attorney, this is not legal advice.


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      Thanks but what about the G325A?