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    I am engaged to a wonderful man who has been in the states for 4 years illegally. He was taken by border patrol one time before he made it here and now has problems with immigration because of this. He was told not to come back to the states for 5 years. Of course this was not possible due to the dire situation in Honduras with gangs, more than 20 murders every day, poverty, lack of jobs, lack of food, and just all-around treacherous and dangerous living conditions. Please tell me what I can do to help him become a legal citizen. This is a hardworking, God loving man and it breaks my heart to think he could be deported at any time.

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    The first thing he should learn is to love truth of reality not some non existent deity invented to manipulate dimwits.

    EWI will require waiver application from abroad. Entering after cbp removal is , i believe, felony and may permanently bar his admission.
    Plus the 5 years bar after removal.

    The only way your hubby can come here is by snitching on his fellow Honduran murderers , then he may get an instant GC and free ticket to Miami.
    But he will have to murder a lot of people and become very reputed gangster before anyone will be interested in making such a deal with him.

    Go visit, they have plenty of God loving posters in similar circumstances as you describe. There may be better place to post your question.

    Here is mostly political board, and mostly about me [with davdah serving a purpose].

    So , good luck.
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      Originally posted by OldE3:
      The first thing he should learn is to love truth of reality not some non existent deity invented to manipulate dimwits....
      Hmmmmmmmmmm... Someone12's vocabulary or Someone12 itself???


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        OldE3's reply is about the most accurate one I have read in a long time....I have never heard of a deity granting a visa, issuing a green card nor teleporting some illegal alien dirtbag to the United States...not sure why this has never happened...but then, I am not a dimwit. Perhaps the OP could turn to the Book of Blather and find some chapter written by a man (not any deity) that makes some idiotic reference to the dirtbag's plight...and which prayers when mumbled 150 times will produce the same results as Dorothy clicking her heels together three times and chanting'''there's no place like Honduras...there's no place like Honduras...there's no pl...."..well, you get the picture.


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          My estimation of the OP's IQ, based on her pathetic bleatings...?....about 79, depending on the outside temperature. Tell us OP,,,why does this border jumping lowlife deserve something that he refuses to seek by following our RULES and LAWS? Why is this cerveza swilling putz so special that he should get a free pass ahead of the thousands of people waiting their turn to immigrate LEGALLY to this country? Does he have a signed letter from his oh-so-loved deity? did said deity tell him to thumb his unwashed nose at our laws? Or maybe...just maybe...the OP is so desperate for love she is willing to turn her size 18 behind towards our laws and wiggle it in defiance?