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  • Call For Family Unity Amendment

    There are occasional mentions of FU (family Unity) in proposed bills. But this needs to be escalated more assertively.

    There will be a new bill when the Senate reconvenes but do make a note, if we had a strong voice on Family unity it will possibly spur more favorable amendments. Even so far proposed amendments are not good enough, There is no saying that immigration violations will be waived for family members of US spouses, children or parents but instead it says the violations may be waived and you also have to pay 2000$ fine.

    So, Please calls to your senators write to them and spread this Call.

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    There are occasional mentions of FU (family Unity) in proposed bills. But this needs to be escalated more assertively.

    There will be a new bill when the Senate reconvenes but do make a note, if we had a strong voice on Family unity it will possibly spur more favorable amendments. Even so far proposed amendments are not good enough, There is no saying that immigration violations will be waived for family members of US spouses, children or parents but instead it says the violations may be waived and you also have to pay 2000$ fine.

    So, Please calls to your senators write to them and spread this Call.


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      I've actually written to my senators asking them to include a provision on family unity and also a provision that would protect undocumented minor children that come into the U.S. alone. Currently these children, if found, are placed in detention centers with criminals. They need to be protected, not incarcerated.


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        It's the parents who send their children over the border illegally and alone who need to be incarcerated...for a very long time.

        As to the issue of family unity. Quite honestly, it's NOT America's responsibility to reunite the families of immigrants...whether legal or illegal.

        I'm a legal immigrant to America, and all of my biological family live overseas. I made the conscious decision to immigrate to America, and also the conscious decision to move away from my family. I love my family, but it's NOT America's responsibility to reunite us. If an immigrant misses their family so much, then perhaps they should return to where their family lives.

        It is even more absurd for illegal aliens to be throwing tantrums demanding family unity.

        My American friend misses her family in Wisconsin. Perhaps the government should be responsible for reuniting them also.


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          If illegals want to be reunited, just leave my country and go back to is a news flash: airlines fly both to and from the US.


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            Someone12: You know as well as I do that those illegals and their apologists who were throwing tantrums in the streets last week while waving Mexican flags are COMPLETE AND TOTAL HYPOCRITES. They wave Mexican flags and disrespect American flags...but their worst nightmare would be that thay might have to actually live in Mexico.

            We also know that they don't want to learn our language and otherwise assimilate. The honest truth is that they want to be Mexicans in America, not Mexicans in Mexico...and they are throwing tantrums for rights to which they are not entitled.




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              The concept of immigration for immediate relatives should be completely revised and improved to promote family unification. INA contains some ideas that simply defy logic. The Court in Ibrahim clearly stated that being an immediate relative of a U.S. Citizen is a very strong and special equity, one that merits special action. Why is it then that children of U.S. citizens and even parents have to undergo demeaning treatment and a mysterious "exercise of discretion" to adjust status while the same status is granted as a matter of law to a Cuban citizen? Is Cuban citizenship more of an equity? I understand special considerations for refugees but never when they ignore long established principles of equity.
              Family unification, specially when it involves U.S. citizens, should be safeguarded and promoted through comprehensive immigration law and supporting procedures with tougher penalties for fraud and those who engage in related activities.


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                SunDevilUSA, Someone12 -

                I have many examples for children who born in US and left the very country where they born, just because their parents were either deported or in fear of deportation. These children now live in a country where they do not have friends, does not know the language and have to go through the pain of their parents who very hardly able to re-establish them in a country who they have left decades ago. Now, let me give the examples of USC spouses who are placed in situations that they have to choose moving with their illegal spouses over their families, friends and career, to a strange country which is usually as estranged to their illegal spouses as to them.

                There is another group of USC spouses and children who due to hardships chooses to stay here in US instead moving with their illegal spouses or parents, and thus they are forced to be separated just because of some laws which are very inhuman and senseless.

                We all are human and we make mistakes, but WE are trying to preach that immigration related violations are no where close to that degree which should cost one a sacred bond which is called family.


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                  Alibabaforty333: After witnessing the spectacle of thousands of immigrants' kids streaming out of school to wave Mexican flags and chant, "Mexico, Mexico, Mexico," it would appear to me that they're not as estranged from their or their parents' countries of origin as you would have us believe.

                  Indeed, I would offer the opinion that they don't seem to appreciate the opportunity of living in the best country in the world...and, apparently, would rather live in a corrupt, third-world country.


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                    Family unification should play a bigger role in INA. There's no need to subject immigrants and their citizen relatives to a draconian statute that's based upon fear, arbitrary suspicion and degradation.
                    If a citizen has the right to marry a convicted felon while in jail, there's no need to treat immigrants to a lesser standard. Immigrants when apprehended and forbidden to contact a family member or even an attorney, while their U.S. citizen kids are held in the dark until somebody places a call to CPS. This is nothing short of excessive and vile when you consider the violation committed is one that is civil in nature.
                    The current system favors extortion and fear instead of real family values.
                    Immigration laws by definition must protect the nation and its values while safeguarding the rights of the citizens. A statute that subjects citizens to degrading questionings and procedures, that prevents unification of a family based upon the discretion of a person who is not familiar with the inner works of such family, that promotes unfair treatment and draconian punishment of family members for civil violations that do not amount to criminal activity needs to be reformed, altered and amended to protect the integrity of the family unit in the context of a global economy.


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                      to Alibabaforty333: all this would do is further encourage illegals to sneak across our borders, hammer out a brat and then try to stake some claim to residency or citizenship. No way, Jose.
                      If illegals are so irresponsible (a given) as to engage in behavior that could result in their deportation, that's their problem. It should not be rectified just because they had a kid at taxpayer expense in the US.
                      Our laws are not inhuman - they only require that humans be responsible and obey the laws. If they don't, they should expect a penalty.
                      We should not have laws that encourage phony marriages just to get a green card.


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                        A person arrested for rape and murder has the right to a phone call, the right to inspect a warrant. The state must also ensure, to a reasonable level, that the alleged killer receives a fair hearing and must protect the convicted felon while in prison. The convicted felon is allowed medical care, spiritual services and access to recreational activities as determined by the judge and prison officials.
                        An illegal alien, having committed a only civil violation, is imprisoned for extended periods of time in remote locations, not allowed to contact an attorney or any family member and denied basic protection.
                        If this is acceptable, then everybody subject to any civil proceeding should undergo the very same treatment. Why? Because in the U.S. color or nationality bears no weight in criminal or civil matters.


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                          SunDevilUSA/Someone12 - It is commonly said, One should never forget where One comes from. The person should be proud of his/her ethnicity, heritage and the values. It is very common here in US, folks who even born here still keep their country flag. I do not see any problem when one waives his/her country flag for presentation reasons. If there are any isolated incidents where one has shown disrespects to one' flag then you can not make liable or portray rest of community of the person who did this unethical and object-able act. Do not forget these immigrants are serving in Iraq and have given their lives for US.

                          I agree here with Houston, the immigrants should be treated the same way as anybody else. Come one, you do drink and drive and get deported. I advocate harsh punishments for drink and drive. However, these punishments should be the same for evey body. Why an immigrant is being "double jeopardized" i-e first an immigrant serves his punishment the same way as every other USC will, and then thrown into never ending punishment which is deportation.

                          Per someone12, we are encouraging illegal immigrants, My answer is what are our practical choices here. I agree that our laws are human to some degree, which I think is as long as it does not involve immigration.

                          No body is asking here OPEN borders. Borders should be secured period. However, the folks who violated immigration laws should be encouraged to come forward instead of being forced to live in shadows.

                          It is obvious, that we have encountered more illegal immigrants after draconian 96 reforms than ever.


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                            Alibabaforty333: So, where EXACTLY does "one come from," and what possible relevance does it have?

                            If a child immigrates legally to that child not culturally an American? Shouldn't Americans have the expectation that the child is going to assimilate and integrate? I know from personal experience, and I was an adult when I immigrated, that the assimilation process is quick and thorough if you make the choice to become Americanized. Quite honestly, Americans have a right to expect that immigrants make the effort to assimilate.

                            I am madder than hell at the sight of the illegal aliens throwing tantrums and waving Mexican flags. I can further assure you that the Americans with whom I speak are madder than hell too. When I talk, it's obvious that I'm an immigrant, and Americans have always been interested in my experiences. Now, all they want to do is rant and rave at the dumb illegals disrespecting America by waving Mexican flags.

                            The Americans with whom I speak want to deport the illegals and build a wall...and they wish that construction had started yesterday rather than tomorrow.

                            In my opinion, it is more important for people, even dumb illegal aliens waving Mexican flags, to know where they're going rather than "where one comes from." Furthermore, if a person is born in America...they're American.


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                              Some very good points on both sides.

                              I do have an issue with those who choose to marry an illegal or those who are here illegally and then have U.S. born children. It shows irresponsibility on their part. They know what the law is and what the possible consequences of their actions are, yet they go forward anyway. They know that they can someday face deportation and the devestating consequences associated with it. Who's fault is it when this is the outcome?

                              I recently saw a news report on an Irish couple who was here illegally. They were recently engaged and wanted desperately to have a child, but were putting it off because their future in America is uncertain. They didn't want to subject their child to an uncertain future in the U.S. They knew that if they raised their child here and were suddenly deported it would ruin that childs life on many levels regardless of the outcome. They are doing the responsible thing. They are dealing with reality and not some distant hope.

                              Another example is a family of 6 living in extreme poverty in Mexico. The husband was poised to illegally enter into the U.S. to work because he couldn't afford to feed or educate his children. Shouldn't this have occurred to him beforehand? Why bring more lives into this world to share in your misery? In the end, he is able to work and bring the rest of his family to live in the U.S. illegally. They now live in fear of deportation and with every passing year their roots in the U.S. become deeper. If they ever face deportation is this our fault? Some would say that it would be inhumane to deport these people, but isn't it worse to bring children into this world if you can't afford to give them the bare necessities of life? Again, is this our fault?

                              For those who choose to marry an illegal or those who have a spouse waiting to enter legally the same applies to you. You know that the immigration system s-u-c-k-s and yet you still decided to get caught up in it. Not our fault. Yes, it is cruel to seperate those in love, but you should have though about it before hand.

                              I also find it curious that a lot of the illegals are vocal about being in favor of sealing off the border as long as they get legalized. Apparently they don't have a problem drawing the line on immigration, but get furious when the citizens of this country try to do the same. Can't they see the hypocrisy?

                              I think Houston is 100% correct that our immigration system lacks fairness and is deeply slanted against the immigrant. It makes a mockery of justice and equality under law, but that is the way things are and it's not this country's fault that people choose to get caught up in it. If you choose to commit a crime you do so knowing that there are consequences. If you can't do the time then don't do the crime, but realize that it is nobody's fault or choice but your own. At what point can the citizens of this country say "enough! We're not going to take responsibility for other peoples poor choices" without being made to look like a racist, xenophobe, nativist, or cruel? Why are we always made out to be the bad guy when we want our laws respected.

                              I read somewhere that "immigration is ultimately about people". I think it's more about choices. It's a gamble with severe risks if you choose to go about it the wrong way. If you find yourself in a bad situation with immigration in the U.S. it's ultimitaly your fault.

                              So what is the solution? We have to come to the realization that for 20 years now our government has turned a blind eye to illegal immigration and has failed in it's duty. I think it was done on purpose to appease big business. I also think that the citizens and legal immigrants of this country also have to share in the blame because we've allowed our government to fail us. It's a big s-h-i-t sandwich and we all have to take a bite. So I propose the following:

                              1) 5 years or more and can prove employment throughout, no criminal record, learn English and civics, and can prove ties to this country (U.S. born child or Spouse) and can prove it all, then you can apply for the program (earned amnesty).

                              2) Everyone else qualifies for a 1 year permit to attend to matters and then must go home and apply to legally enter the U.S. Anyone who has a child during this period or at anytime after the 5 year qulifying period is out of luck (See #3).

                              3) Immediate end to birth right citizenship to promote responsibility.

                              4) Biometric ID card for everyone.

                              5) Employment verification system that requires the Biometric ID card and thumbprint.

                              6) Return discretion and deportation laws to pre 1996 for Legal Permanent Residents.

                              7) Hefty fines fines for employers who hire illegals.

                              8) End preferential treatment for certain immigrants.

                              9) End benefits for illegals.

                              10) Speed up legal process to promote family unity. (There, this should make a lot of you happy.).

                              11) and of course, secure and seal off the borders.