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      When I applied for AOS, my husband and I wrote different addresses in the forms since we live in different states. I'm in school (OK) and my husband was in CO (this is our state of residence at the time of filing then we moved for good to GA). We've been married for more than 2 yrs and I'm still away from him during school days.
      We've also change our residential address (from CO, to GA address 1, then GA address) while my AOS is pending. We always received confirmation letters from BCIS regarding the address change we made.

      My husband submits the change of address forms and I update my address at my SEVIS records at school. I have not submitted any change of address form (AR-11) yet because the university staff told me I'm still physically present in OK & thye can update my forms in my SEVIS records.

      I had my AOS interview in Atlanta and received my 10 yr green card.
      I'm hoping to move to GA the end of the fall semester and come back to OK for the thesis defense & then officially graduate (hopefully). At this point, I will submit the AR-11.

      I hope these info helps.


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        We were never asked about the different addresses. What the INS officer did was to update our address & phone numbers in the forms we originally filed. I told him I'm still in school and I'm maintaining my campus address & phone number for some correspondence.

        I think when I updated my address in my SEVIS records at school (after getting my EAD card), the BCIS started sending all the notice of actions in our GA address. I think it's because, BCIS can access student's SEVIS records. So, I never had to file AR-11 until this time.
        Yes, we showed our joint tax returns for 2 years (2003, 2004). The INS officer also asked for my husbands new income (he updated it in the original AOS/ I-130 file we submitted). He also asked for joint bank accounts (since we got married in 2003 and up to the present). We also showed some of our wedding pictures.

        Make sure you photocopy all your supporting documents because if you don't, they will take the original. In our case we gave the original bank statements from CO since we already closed the account after moving to GA.
        Yes, I received my 10- yr greencard since we've been married for 2 yrs & 1 week during the AOS interview. I guess this is an advantage of being married more than 2 yrs before the AOS interview.
        I hope these info helps.


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          Hi! Lolita,

          When we file tax (joint filing ever since we got married), we always use our home state address (Georgia is our home & thus we us it as our permanent address). My campus address is Oklahoma.

          There was year when I was not allowed to work on campus. This was when I have not received my EAD card yet and have claimed to be "an AOS applicant" & no longer an F1 student.

          When I received my EAD card, I started working again for my professor (jan 2005 up to present).

          So for this year's tax, my husband & I will file taxes in OK, GA and Federal. We always ask someone to process out tax for us and she files it electronically.

          I hope these helps.


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