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    Does anyone knows how the i.n.s fingerprint data work?
    does it work like the police department fingerprint, where they dont need any information on you, and the instant they fingerprint you, all your information goes up? including pass i..n.s history, etc et? is that the way it work?

    Reason im asking is because this user and this other immigration board wanted to know??

    also, once you get your fingerprint done, does the i.n.s stores it on a data so that you wont need to get fingerprinted again? or is this fingerprint just sebd to the FBI to do a scan, then they just throw it away? or maybe, does the FBI keep the fingerprint card?

    from what ive understood, the only fingerprint that are into the FBI data is criminals, meaning, the instant you commited a crime, you get listed on the fingerprint data....

    anyone has any infos on that, or a website that explains how the i,n,s finprint thingy works?

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    Did you commit a crime which you are concerned the immigration officials will find out about when you apply for some immigration benefit?

    FBI has more developed databases which consist of millions of finger prints, which are easily accessible to catch criminals. So, unless you committed some crime, you have no need to be concerned. However, if the FBI investigated you under some issue, then you can expect them to have your FP's...


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      never commited a single crime..i was asking for this person.

      what i wanted to know is how the fingerprint is kept..i mean, how does the i.n.s deals with fingerprinting..

      i know that if you go in for any type of immigration benefit like asylum etc etc, you have to take an i.n.s fingerprint, then they send this fingerprint card to the FBI so they could check it..once you are clear with no criminal records, does they still keep the fingerprint data on record??
      what happened is my friend just got married to this guy and her last name has been changed, and she completly forgot to let the i.n.s know that she now carries the last name of her husband and dished out her family lastname.

      since she dont own any type of criminal record, i was wondering whether her old name fingerprint would come up once she gets fingerprinted? this would happen unless they kept her last fingerprint card that was done 2 years ago.

      from what ive understood, i.n.s fingerprint expired after a year? or 2? then you have to come in for new fingerprinting? isnt it true?
      how does they check pass immigration history? arent they suppose to keep fingerprint for that reason?

      also, once they send a fingerprint card to the FBI, ive heard that if you have a clean criminal record, FBI does not enter this particufingerprint in their data, the only fingerprints they have are criminals..what they do is, match the fingerprint with criminals??>

      anyone have the answer to this?


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        Jean, what is your friend's concern?

        "During the benefit application process, USCIS conducts security checks in order to prevent ineligible applicants from obtaining benefits and to help law enforcement agencies identify people who pose risks to national security or public safety. Depending on the application submitted, USCIS conducts up to four different types of security checks:

        - Interagency Border Inspection System name checks (IBIS)
        - FBI fingerprint check
        - FBI name check
        - Automated Biometric Identification System (IDENT)

        In addition, depending on the benefit, USCIS checks administrative systems to review applicants' prior immigration history, entry and exits into the United States, student records, and immigration court records. When checks result in confirmed derogatory information, USCIS has an established process for completing the cases with denials and referrals to fraud investigators, law enforcement, and the immigration courts."


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          Let's sweat the s-h-i-t out of dirtbags/dirtbag supporters so they would shut up and keep quite !!!

          Whoever doesn't staunchly support WWW.FAIRUS.ORG will be deemed a felonious criminal and denied any kind of benefit !!!


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            Jean u r a liar! U have commited a crime. Jumping the border is a felony!! So go get fingerprinted. U r asking for yourself not for anyone else!! We are not stupid,u r worried!! Get ready for handcuffs!


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              On the name of FAIRness, we must build huge brick ovens for border jumpers - so we can save on our heating bills during the winter !!!