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Prison And 100 Lashes For Being A Rape Victim

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  • Prison And 100 Lashes For Being A Rape Victim

    The brutal and hateful face of "Muslim" justice. Koller, 4now, all support Muslim immigration...Now you know what will happen...

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    The article stated she was unmarried, so how was this considered adultery?


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      The Arab language is not as specific as English, and they don't have a word for "fornication," which is the crime of *** outside of marriage for someone not married.

      But are you trying to defend the punishment for her victimization.

      But in any event, she was raped. Do you realize that? Do you care? Or is all you are concerned about is defending Muslim hate and terrorism?


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        Don't put words in my mouth. The woman was a victim and should not have been punished at all. The r.apist is the one who belongs in jail.


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          But you defend Islam and their system.


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            <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by federale86:
            But you defend Islam and their system. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

            Do you really believe all Islams and Muslims are terrorists? I support freedom of religion. I do not support terrorism. Islam/Muslim radical terrorists who hate and want to cause harm to the USA can go straight to h.ell in my opinion. The majority of Muslims are peace-minded and hate the terrorists worse than we do because of the stigma it causes them.


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              Not all Muslims are terrorists, but most terrorists are Muslim. Facts are facts. No Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, or Jewish terrorists. Just Muslims and communists. Oh, and the Hindus from Ceylon.


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                Conveniently forgetting that the IRA were (supposedly) Catholics. Last time I checked, Catholics aren't Muslims
                "What you see in the photograph isn't what you saw at the time. The real skill of photography is organized visual lying."


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                  The IRA is a communist terrorist organization and Catholics are prohibited from joining.

                  A united and socialist Ireland has nothing to do with the Catholic Church.

                  Just Brit trying to defend Osama Bin Ladin. As usual, a total FAIL!