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      <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by tanya22:
      APLLIED FOR EAD and aos to green card I-130 (US CITIZEN FILING FOR PARENT ) on july 10th 2007. I came to US on B1 B2 VISA

      fingerprinting done in sept 2007
      EAD card rECeived on 15th jan 2008

      green card interview on Feb 27th.

      please update me as to when will i receive my green card . when can i apply for SSN . Can i get ssn while on EAD and how much time does it take .THANKS EVERYONE </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
      When you receive your EAD, you can then go to SSA office nearest you and apply for the SS card. It will take two weeks for SS card to arrive in the mail. SSA office may be able to provide you with he number, but it depends on the office.

      After interview, it should take 60 days to receive your green card unless the FBI security check has not been completed. And depending on how long the name check takes will depend on how long you could receive your green card. But hopefully, the name check should already be in processing or completed. You will know when the interview is over.
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        You can apply for, and receive, a Social Security Number with a valid Employment Authorization Document. As Hudson said, it takes approximately two weeks to receive your Social Security Card.

        Your Social Security Card will be a restricted card, because you currently have an Employment Authorization Document. The card will be inscribed with a notation that limits its validity - "Valid for Employment Only with USCIS Authorization."

        Upon receiving your Permanent Residency Status, you will need to return to the Social Security Office and request an unrestricted card...with no inscription. Your number will remain the same, of course, but the restriction will be removed.


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          Just a quick addition to what has been already said, make sure you take right ID and papers with you when you get your SS#.
          They do require certain documentation, so check online at your local office to see what you need to take.
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            thanks ..both ur advises really helped