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  • Immigration Bond Refund

    I am a Canadian citizen living and working in Toronto,Canada. Ten years ago,when i was in New york,my ex wife gave me very hard time againa and again and made it impossible for me to stay and live in USA.As a result i migrated to Canada (in March-2000) where I am living . In 1998 my ex-wife in Newyork called USA immigration police about my address.I was arrested and put into a immigration jail in New Jersey.I contacted some lawyer and paid ten thousands dollars for Bond for bail.I appeared in New jersey INS court to defend with a lawer.I also decided to immigrate to Canada ,because all allegation were by my ex-wife were totally false and she threatened me to put more such allegation again and again. I got Canadian immigration and moved to Canada before expiration.I did not go back to USA.My Alien card was cancelled. Last month,I called my last lawyer( in 1998 in Newyork,USA) to get me back my Immigration bond money back.He said he is buissy and cannot help me but sent me a photocopy from U.S Treasury Department dated 08-28-02 saying void after one year.Bond with interest is 1104 dollars. Now I want my bail money back.Kindly let me know ,how can I get that money back.I cannot visit USA ,due to expected ten years bar on me to visit USA. I am a Canadian citizen and donot want to live or visite USA . Malik I have expired Alied card and SSN NUMBER and copy of treasury bond,with me. Can I apply myself by USA forms or I need an attorney.Any good attorney to get help.

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    contact the american consulate in canada
    Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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      Yes I agree with the above suggestion.


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        Wrong, you need to contact the office that issued the bond.


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          nop. Consulate has department who deal with the bonds.
          FYI this goes for Immigration bond only, Because Immigration does not accept partial percentage on bond. Only person who posted the bond is liable to get it back. If your attoeny posted the bond then he is getting the money back from the ICE unless bond is breached.

          If someone who is in United state and Citizen posted bond on you he can get within US. I doubt that you put bond on your self.. LOL never happend.
          Its a discussion, not a legal advise..


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            When ever you or any one submit the bond it is submitted to INS at that time...
            they used to cash the bond and transfer that money into INS Accounts..
            First you should write to the Director of your place of residenc to get that money back....
            You will be sent the form which you should go to the U.S. Consulate General sign befire them and ask them to send it via registed pouch to the office (that is INS) or DOHS/USCIS)
            with in a month you should get that money back via U.S. Consulate General at Canada.
            You need not to travel to US. for this .